TV Show, Webcast on Tuesday to Provide Tips for Parents on Helping Their Children Achieve in Math and Science

November 18, 2002

This month’s “Education News Parents Can Use” program runs from 8-9 p.m. EST on more than 400 cable outlets across the country and will be carried on the Web at In Washington, the D.C. cable system will broadcast the event live on the public school channel 28. A full listing of viewing options is available at

“In today’s world, knowing math and science literacy is essential — not just to make a good living, but to make a good life,” said U.S. Secretary of Education Rod Paige. “Our economy and even our national security depend on our citizens being literate in these subjects. I encourage parents to watch this show to help them learn ways to ensure their children’s educational success.”

Among the topics to be covered in Tuesday’s show:

  • How can parents help their children master math and science subjects?

  • How does the new No Child Left Behind Act encourage quality math and science instruction in every classroom?

  • How do advanced math and science courses prepare students for college and academic success?

  • How can we ensure all math and science teachers are thoroughly prepared to teach their subjects?

  • Why is a fundamental understanding of mathematics and science essential in today’s world?

A distinguished list of guests is scheduled, including Gerald Wheeler, executive director of the National Science Teachers Association; Bill Nye from PBS’ “The Science Guy;” and Jose Hernandez, president of the Mexican American Engineers who also works at NASA’s Johnson Space Center.

The format for the “Education News Parents Can Use” series features one-on-one interviews, “how-to” demonstrations, and brief conversations with parents, educators, community, business and religious leaders, and education experts. As always, viewers can call in and e-mail their questions at addresses and phone numbers that will be posted on the screen.

The show is broadcast on the third Tuesday of each month during the school year. Besides local cable systems, it’s rebroadcast nationally on the Discovery Networks’ TLC (The Learning Channel), the Channel One Network, and some Public Broadcasting Service stations.

Details about the series are available at

Future broadcasts will address the anniversary of the No Child Left Behind Act Jan. 21,

Title IX Feb. 18, teacher quality March 18, special education April 15, educational technology May 20 and summer reading June 17.