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October 14, 2004

MALVERN, Pa., October 13, 2004 — Mounting competition, performance-based funding issues, and increasingly stringent requirements for accountability pose challenges that require useful institutional information to make better, informed decisions. To help higher education institutions harvest raw data and transform it into a business asset, SunGard SCT, an operating unit of SunGard (NYSE:SDS), has released the SCT Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW).

“The SCT EDW turns data assets into meaningful knowledge,” said Jack Kramer, senior vice president, solutions architecture and infrastructure, SunGard SCT. “Now, higher education leaders can easily access timely, relevant information to help them make smarter decisions in areas such as recruiting, planning, and resource management.”

Designed specifically to support the information needs of deans, provosts, presidents, and other higher education leaders, the SCT EDW is an out-of-the-box repository for data that originates from SunGard SCT applications and/or external data sources. The SCT EDW is delivered with predefined data models specific to higher education helping save institutions significant time and money in delivering information to decision makers. The SCT EDW optimizes information queries and delivers secure access to a wealth of historical data that helps higher education decision makers to analyze and improve performance via forecasting and trend analysis.

The SCT EDW captures historical enterprise data from disparate systems and transforms it into a wide variety of reporting dimensions or attributes to meet various informational needs. End users experience:

    · Quick, secured, self-service access to information;
    · Easy-to-understand data layouts and analytical tools based on user-friendly design and higher education terminology; and
    · Accurate, consistent, meaningful information that spans the campus enterprise over time.

The SCT EDW marks the delivery of the second component of the SCT Information Access product family. In January, the SCT Operational Data Store was introduced to provide higher education institutions with self-service reporting solutions for ad hoc operational reporting of institutional data.

The SCT EDW extends the value of the SCT Operational Data Store’s access to operational data by providing historical reporting capabilities for trend analysis on performance data. For example, if a president or department head needs to obtain accurate enrollment data for the current semester, s/he could generate a report using the SCT Operational Data Store. In contrast, if the president or department head wanted to compare enrollment numbers by department or college and ethnicity from 1990 through 2004 in order to determine trends, the information would be graphed with specified drill-down capabilities using time-based snapshots of data stored in the SCT EDW.

Working in tandem, SunGard SCT’s Information Access product family uses a single, unifying architecture that helps ensure reporting data consistency across all levels of the organization. In addition to creating a solid foundation for data management, SunGard SCT’s Information Access components are part of the digital campus that unifies an institution’s systems, processes, and communities.

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