This message is for anyone who believes barriers exist to learning at a distance

July 23, 2003

The obstacles students face appear to depend upon several things, including the stage or level of experience that the individual learner has developed regarding distance education. Therefore, research involving persons who are currently learning online and those who have never taken an online course is needed. (In fact, it has been especially difficult to gather information from students who have never studied online.)

We invite your assistance in further data gathering by completing the survey located at:

The recently completed pilot testing found that most people completed the survey in 11-13 minutes. If you provide your accurate email address on the survey where indicated, we will notify you of results.

We would also appreciate your distributing this call for participation widely to students or mailing lists to which you subscribe/own where students are found. If you are a teacher, this survey is not for you individually (unless you are also a student). But if you could distribute it to students, that would be greatly appreciated.


Zane Berge, Ph.D.
Associate Professor