January 4, 2001

Thirteen/WNET New York and Disney Learning Partnership have relaunched

CONCEPT TO CLASSROOM with free, multi-media-enhanced seminars and resources

for educators. The updated site includes new interactive workshops and

tools to help participants apply for credit for their efforts. CONCEPT TO

CLASSROOM is available at wNetSchool, Thirteen’s online resource for

educators, at (free registration required).

The first new workshop, “Interdisciplinary Learning in Your

Classroom,” comprises content developed by Heidi Hayes Jacobs, Ed.D. and is

online now. It focuses on the re-design of curriculum from a

multi-disciplinary perspective and provides 30-35 hours of professional

development, although users are welcome to spend as much or as little time

as they wish picking and choosing content areas in which they are


A second new workshop, “After-School Programs – From Vision to

Reality,” will begin March 1, 2001. It will address different types of

after-school programs, their benefits, how to launch a program that meets

community needs, and much more.

Like the existing nine workshops in the CONCEPT TO CLASSROOM series,

the new offerings are divided into four stages: Explanation, which looks at

an educational theory practice and its significance; Demonstration, which

provides examples of successful applications via videos, Internet links and

expert-developed lesson plans and activities; Exploration, a “getting

started” section which includes potential pitfalls, technology integration

and answers to commonly-asked questions; and Implementation, a section of

tools and support materials that facilitate the bringing of the theory or

practice into the classroom.

Educators participating in any CONCEPT TO CLASSROOM workshop can now avail

themselves of several new features designed to help them petition their

school administrators for course credit. Each online course includes a

letter to the participant’s principal in which the course themes and goals

are explained; a syllabus to underscore the workshop’s mission; and a rubric

enabling the administrator to assess the teacher’s performance on course


“We’re really looking forward to the new workshops and additional

credit materials,” says Brigitte Magar, executive producer of CONCEPT TO

CLASSROOM and director of online education. “It’s going to be a wonderful

opportunity for educators to learn about the creative ways they can use

interdisciplinary curriculum in the classroom, and now, it’s easier for them

to get credit for the work they do in the course.”

The CONCEPT TO CLASSROOM workshops are targeted at K-12 pre-service

and in-service educators including teachers, administrators, computer

coordinators, librarians, and media specialists. They are suitable for all

levels of Internet proficiency and all users of teaching strategies, from

novice to experienced.

“CONCEPT TO CLASSROOM is an important part of our efforts to support

creativity in teaching,” says Laurie Lang, senior vice president and general

manager, Disney Learning Partnership. “We feel that high-quality

professional development is critical to success in the classroom and we are

thrilled to be able to provide these workshops free of charge to teachers

across the country.”

CONCEPT TO CLASSROOM is a production of wNetSchool, Thirteen Online’s

award-winning Web service for teachers. Ann Mauzé, deputy director of

Thirteen’s Educational Resources Center, is the executive in charge of

CONCEPT TO CLASSROOM. Anthony Chapman is director of Interactive and

Broadband for Thirteen. Brigitte Magar is executive producer of CONCEPT TO

CLASSROOM. Deborah Keisch is content producer of CONCEPT TO CLASSROOM.

Funding for CONCEPT TO CLASSROOM is provided by Disney Learning Partnership,

a philanthropic initiative of The Walt Disney Company.

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