December 13, 2000

OTTAWA. e-com inc. of Moncton, New Brunswick announces a new partnership in the e-learning area with La Cité Collégiale of Ottawa, for the launching of the e-learning portal COURSsurINTERNET.COM.

Mr. Jean Nadeau, President of e-com inc. announces the new partnership in the presence of Mrs. Andrée Lortie, President of La Cité Collégiale of Ottawa and Mr. Paul Serveau, President of SmartForce™ Canada.

The objective of the partnership is to make it possible for La Cité Collégiale to accelerate and simplify the development, delivery and management of the course contents, the on-line registration and its educational portal. To achieve this e-com inc. will make available to La Cité Collégiale its expertise in e-learning and THEORIX™ its integrated e-learning platform.

THEORIX™ will be used as a course integrator and for collaborative training in a self-paced on line environment. It will also serve as the single entry point to the users of about 300 on-line courses by SmartForce™, the worlds largest online course publisher, and other courses and training programs previously developed by La Cité Collégiale using other e-learning platforms.

The association with La Cité Collégiale of Ottawa will allow e-com inc. to consolidate its presence in the Canadian public education sector, in the two official languages, at the administrator, author, trainer and student levels», according to Mr. Nadeau.

Founded in 1995, e-com inc. is a Canadian company, which specializes in the implementation and the management of customized e-learning environments for public organizations and corporations.

THEORIX™ is a scalable system for the development, delivery and management of collaborative and self-paced training, knowledge management, including performance support. THEORIX™ is the property of e-com inc.

Contact Information:

Jean Côté (506) 867-3266 ext (101) or, http://www.e-com-net