The University of Washington Develops Online Degree in Construction Engineering

June 28, 2001

The University of Washington has received a grant from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation to develop an online Master’s Degree in Construction Engineering.

The $165,000 grant will allow the College of Architecture and Urban Planning and the College of Engineering to add or modify existing classroom courses, to give students the opportunity to take them over the Web. These online courses will train students in all aspects of the construction of projects such as roads, bridges and airports.

The courses will be grouped into three separate certificate programs. Students will be able to take individual courses or certificates, or finish all three certificates to earn a master’s degree. The courses may eventually be offered as off-the-shelf bundles, or licensed to other institutions fortruction.

“While the UW has a wealth of experience in distance education in general, the Sloan grant is vitally important because it gives us the up front resources to tailor the delivery system to our unique audience and maximize success,” Dunston said.

The University of Washington is a national leader in the field of online education, offering 24 online degrees and certificates and over 300 courses, attracting almost 10,000 registrations a year.

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