The Tutors’ Views on the Utilization of E-learning System in Architectural Education

August 31, 2013

The design studio is the core of Architectural education where – face to face – social interaction, negotiations and communications happen between tutors and students. These communications are essential for development of the design concept and initiation of student’s innovation. At the University of Dammam, an ambitious e-learning system plan was initiated in 2011 and the system was gradually installed during the year 2012. The faculty have been encouraged to use it and integrate it with their traditional teaching system. However, the use of e-learning system was assessed by the e-learning deanship and it found that the system is of little use by the faculty of college of Architecture. So, a pilot study followed by a questionnaire survey was launched in early 2013 and it targeted the faculty of college of architecture and planning. The aim is to find out why the faculty are reluctant to utilize the system and the utilization’s obstacles. The survey’s results showed that the faculty appreciated the qualities of the e-learning system. However, they felt that the e-learning system has not been tailored to respond to the requirements of architectural education. They said that it can be used, to a certain extent, for theoretical courses but it would not be beneficial for design studio courses. This paper argues that potential shortages of the system should be dealt with; otherwise, the present e-learning system, as it is, will not respond to the architectural education’s needs and would have negative impact on architectural education.

European Journal of Open, Distance and E-Learning

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