The School of Continuing and Professional Studies at New York University Selects Eriksen Translations for Spanish Translation of Online Courses

January 16, 2002

Eriksen Translations Inc. recently

completed the Spanish translation of the user interface and fourteen online

courses for New York University¹s School of Continuing and Professional

Studies Virtual College. The courses were designed to provide cutting-edge

content and delivery in the subject areas of corporate management and e-commerce.

³Eriksen Translations provided a detailed and viable proposal that impressed

us,² said Rob Manuel, Chief Information and Technology Officer of the NYU

SCPS Office of Information and Technology, and heading the initiative to deliver

these online courses to Spanish-speaking students in Spain and Latin America.

He added, ³Professional quality in terms of content and delivery is a goal

that NYU and Eriksen Translations share, and we are pleased to have partnered

with them for this exciting undertaking.²

²The creation and maintenance of impeccable terminology databases and

a ¹neutralŒ Spanish style guide, as well as efficient management of

human and machine resources, were key to bringing the project to its successful

completion,² said Debbie Folaron, Manager of Language and Technology, and

manager of the project. ²Our team of translators, editors, graphic artists,

terminologists and reviewers was truly outstanding.³

The launching of the courses in Spring 2002 will mark this successful first

step in extending the outreach of the NYU SCPS curriculum to an international


About Eriksen Translations

Eriksen Translations provides multilingual services to Fortune 500 companies,

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The School of Continuing and Professional Studies at New York University (

was founded 65 years ago as a separate school within the University. It is the

leading and largest institution of its kind in the nation, with annual enrollments

of nearly 70,000 in its many professional development and degree programs. In

line with its early commitment to e-learning, NYU launched its first online

Virtual College course in 1995.The Virtual College offers online degree programs,

and a wide range of non-credit classes and certificate programs (