The Role of Learner Characteristics in the Adaptive Educational Hypermedia Systems: The Case of the MATHEMA

October 29, 2017

The aim of this paper is to explore the characteristics of the learners used by the developed adaptive educational hypermedia systems to date to draw conclusions about their relation to the adaptation techniques they use and to be explained the rationale for selecting of the learners’ characteristics used by the adaptive educational hypermedia system MATHEMA for its adaptation techniques. At first, the characteristics of learners using some systems for their adaptive techniques are presented. Here is the presentation of learner’s characteristics used by adaptation techniques of the adaptive educational hypermedia system MATHEMA. Finally, an evaluation of the main functions of the MATHEMA is performed. In conclusion, we discuss the choice of specific learners’ characteristics for adaptation techniques of the MATHEMA and the resulting educational benefits.

International Journal of Modern Education and Computer Science