The JASON Project’s annual science expedition will focus on the Channel Islands during the 2002-2003 School Year!

August 21, 2002

What is the JASON Project?

The JASON Project is a multi-disciplinary education program that

sparks the imagination of students and enhances the classroom experience using standards based concepts and inquiry driven activities. From oceans to rainforests, from polar regions to volcanoes, the JASON Project explores Planet Earth and exposes students to leading scientists who work with them to examine its biological and geological development.

Does the JASON Project Work?

The JASON project is a supplemental science program with interdisciplinary connections to math , social studies and language arts. Preliminary Studies from the CCT(Center for Children and Technology) indicate that JASON works with all types of students in grades 4-9 and with At Risk populations. Students have been able to transfer process skills learned in JASON to other areas.

Teachers see:

Changes in teaching practice

• Use of alternative assessments, such as presentations and portfolios

• Encourages project-based learning

• Increased collaboration among teachers

• Supports interdisciplinary approach to learning

Increased use of technology

• Serves as impetus to use a variety of digital tools

• JASON site provides a wealth of resources

• Spurs technology infrastructure development in schools

• Teachers see how to take advantage of technology available to them

• Encourages use of scientific instruments as well as computer

• Some teachers still have limited access to technology

Students Experience:

Hands-on learning

• Keeps students engaged

• Appeals to diverse learning styles

• Involves creation of tangible products

• Especially effective with at-risk students

Making real-world connections

• Makes science real and relevant to students

• Students can interact and identify with scientists

• Exposes students to experiences they would never otherwise have

• Students ask better questions

• Inspires an interest in science that can extend beyond JASON


Is the JASON Project Expensive?

NO! The JASON Project is priced at $199 per teacher pack. Each

Teacher pack serves 30 students. Additional student licenses are $2 each, which insures that each student has their own account. The more teacher packs you buy, the more the price reduction.

1-4 teacher packs: $199 per pack

5-25 teacher packs: $100 per pack

26-100 teacher packs: $90 per pack

101-250 teacher packs: $80 per pack

251-500 teacher packs: $75 per pack

500+ teacher packs: $70 per pack

How Can Our District or County Participate?

The JASON Project has a variety of sites in California, which

include: NASA AMES, Bay Model, San Diego County Office of Education, Los Angeles Unified, Kern County, Carpinteria, Santa Barbara Maritime Museum, and the Sacramento Educational Cable Consortium. You can attend any of these or set up your own training for $1500 per day !

For a listing of local trainings and offering, please visit

I hope to hear from you!

Diana Lee Crew

Director of Network Delivery Systems

JASON Foundation for Education

Denver Office

301 Jasmine Street

Denver, Colorado 80220

Phone: 303-316-8800