January 5, 2001

After the beds are cleaned for the winter, the leaves have been raked

and the ground freezes up, comes one of the best times of year for

gardeners – time for dreaming, planning and ordering for next year.

The College of Agriculture now has a perfect site for those who want

to grow their own fruit and it’s targeted for production on one acre

or less. The on-line edition of “Small-Scale Fruit Production”

offers fully searchable text and sharply defined color photographs of

many varieties of fruit trees and plants, disease symptoms, and

insect damage. “The guide presents state-of-the-art production

methods,” says tree fruit specialist Robert Crassweller. Gardeners

can learn everything they need to know, from preparing the planting

site to harvesting the bounty. The site also addresses subjects such

as pollination requirements for trees, soil fertility, monthly

management tips, planting fruit trees, and controlling pest and

wildlife damage.

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