February 3, 2004

Math & Science on Location: The Futures Channel Digital Video Resource Library is the latest release from The Futures Channel, pioneers in creating video that connects classroom learning to the real world.

Built on a high capacity DVD platform, the digital video library contains a remarkable array of award-winning Futures Channel “micro-documentaries” which take students behind the scenes with architects and designers, artists and inventors, music composers and sound engineers, aerospace engineers, deep sea explorers, and dozens more men and women in careers many students haven’t even imagined.

“Beautiful, effective and efficient,” said John Kenelly, Alumni Distinguished Professor (Emeritus) at Clemson University and Treasurer of the Mathematical Association of America. “We know that mathematics is everywhere, but we often fail to have the time and resources to make the point. Here is a comprehensive library of exciting videos which generate thousands of ideas to effectively deliver this message to students of the visual age. The content, organization and search engine are all beyond compare.”

The Digital Video Resource Library includes a separate CD-ROM containing specific guides for each movie on the DVD. The guides provide more than 600 real-world lesson activities, problems and hands-on student projects related to the movies. They are searchable by title, curriculum topic or standard.

“We designed this with input from teachers every step of the way. The objective was to give educators instant access to a wide-ranging digital library of compelling videos tailored made for the classroom,” said Steve Heard, Futures Channel CEO.

“The video clips are detailed enough to provide the background and setting for the math to be learned, and short enough to leave enough time to apply the math in a classroom setting,” said Dr. Mary Kay Bacallao, Associate Professor of Education at Mercer University and a former math teacher. “In considering these resources in light of the NCTM standards, there is a perfect match. The digital resources address all five content area standards. But more importantly, they address all five of the process standards: problem solving, reasoning and proof, communication, representation, and connections.”

Heard said the company chose a DVD platform for the initial release because “teachers consistently told us they wanted high quality full screen video resources that are simple to use anytime, anywhere. “

“It’s a dynamic array of resources to help students get involved in a unit of study without having to have a lot of sophisticated technology or even an Internet connection,” said Alan Haskvitz, a California middle school teacher, and National Teachers Hall of Fame inductee. “They can even be used by a substitute teacher, and if a student misses a lesson, they can run the material themselves to catch up with the missing work.”

The Futures Channel is a producer and provider of digital content that connects learning to the real world of careers and achievement. Its products include the popular resource kits “Algebra in the Real World” and “Hands-On Math” featuring Kay Toliver. The production team also produced the popular documentary, “Good Morning Miss Toliver” as well as the PBS series’ “FUTURES With Jaime Escalante” and “The Eddie Files featuring Kay Toliver” – all three Peabody Award winning programs.

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