The Finnish Parliament chose TietoEnator as its e-learning supplier

September 10, 2002

The e-learning solution includes pedagogical concept designing, content production and technical platform design and delivery. It functions for induction purposes for the new Members of Parliament. The solution provides an extensive package of parliamentary work, and other related information. It can be used also as a work support system in daily work. Apart from the Members of Parliament, the application is also useful tool for the Members’ assistants and other state officials.

According to Jussi Luukkonen, Unit Manager, TietoEnator eLearning Solutions, the assignment is exceptionally challenging and interesting: ”It requires a carefully designed pedagogical concept, thorough manuscript writing, and strong technical implementation. The eLearning Solutions unit delivers digital learning and competence development solutions for the building of an information society.

This delivery is connected with the Parliament’s knowledge and competence management project that addressed the development of knowledge, and competence, management activities and necessary tools for this.

Further information:

Jussi Luukkonen, Director, TietoEnator eLearning Solutions, tel. +358 9 862 52881,

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The Finnish Parliament passes legislation, decides on the state budget and supervises the activities of the Government and its subject officials. The Parliament has 200 seats. The MPs are elected from 15 electoral districts, and the electoral period is four years. For more information about the Parliament’s work, see