The eLearning Guild Delivers Monthly Online Forum Series With Elluminate Live!

April 6, 2004

For its 2003 eLearning Instructional Design Symposium, The eLearning Guild pioneered what was believed to be the first ever blended event, combining physical attendance and virtual participation via Elluminate Live! The Guild continues its innovative use of Elluminate Live! with its monthly online forums, providing a comprehensive live eLearning experience that includes a variety of tools, like high-quality voice over IP, shared whiteboards, text chat, polling, and application sharing, to enable true interaction without awkward, expensive teleconferencing.

“Elluminate Live! is the backbone of our online events,” said David Holcombe, president and CEO of The eLearning Guild. “In addition, Elluminate has been great to work with. At the end of the day, we needed a company that would partner with us to ensure our members got effective support. Elluminate has really stepped up to the plate on this. That’s one of the main reasons we’re working with them.”

“We are extremely pleased to continue to partner with The eLearning Guild to add synchronous communication to their online forums,” said Elluminate CEO Nashir Samanani. “We understand that it’s critical for a leading eLearning organization like the Guild to provide a superior user experience, with the flexibility, functionality, and stability Elluminate Live! offers.”

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