The Development of an All-in-one Virtual Campus From Ground Zero

August 28, 2003

The purpose of this paper is to share our experiences in developing a unique all-in-one virtual university. The Defense Acquisition University virtual campus is a unique model for web based instruction because it integrates all aspects of managing a corporate university while providing myriad dynamic layers of access privileges. The OSS provides functionality in 16 main areas: DAU Public Website, Registration, Enrollment, Login , OSS User Types, OSS Collaboration Tools, Search , History, Logs, Reports, Canned Email, Feedback, Help, Courseware Interfaces, Test Application , and Database Interfaces.. We are currently on the fourth build of the system and have since added many new features and functions since its inception. Given the conference’s paper restrictions for length, we have attempted to squeeze as much information as possible regarding the DAU’s Virtual Campus. However, the information is best conveyed through a live presentation and a demo of the site. We welcome additional comments and questions regarding the site and our presentation.

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