The British Museum and Fathom launch online learning partnership

February 15, 2002

The British Museum is delighted to announce it will be joining Fathom, the innovative knowledge and education site


British Museum curators and education specialists have worked closely with Fathom

to provide online seminars, lectures and features which will make available the Museum’s extraordinary range of expertise to an ever-wider global audience.

The Museum joins thirteen other renowned universities, museums, libraries,

and cultural institutions from both sides of the Atlantic as part of the Fathom

consortium. These include Columbia University, the London School of Economics

and Political Science, Cambridge University Press, The British Library, The

New York Public Library, The University of Chicago, The University of Michigan,

American Film Institute, RAND, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, Victoria


Albert Museum, Science Museum, and the Natural History Museum.

The initial range of courses and online-learning opportunities developed by

the Museum with Fathom include a free e-seminar on "Agatha Christie and

Archaeology" to tie in with the major exhibition currently on show at the

Museum, as well as authoritative features on Cleopatra, contemporary Japanese

festivals and, to coincide with the launch of the Euro, the history of European

currencies. Additional in-depth content is being developed for future presentation.

"The British Museum has an established online presence through its own

websites including COMPASS object tours and the Ancient Civilizations educational

sites which support the National Curriculum. The partnership with Fathom will

enable a new type of lifelong learning, providing users with the opportunity

to explore more widely across and between institutions and disciplines. And,

in this, Fathom is an exciting vision for the future," said Dr Carol Homden,

Director of Marketing and Public Affairs, The British Museum.

"We are pleased to welcome The British Museum to the Fathom consortium,"

said Fathom President and CEO, Ann Kirschner. "So close to the 250th anniversary

of the Museum, we are struck by the role it has played in promoting an understanding

of human history and culture to visitors from around the world. Together, we

can use the digital medium toproject aspects of the collections distinct from

those that the Museum has rendered so captivating in its physical space, introducing

new and loyal visitors alike to entirely unique educational experiences online."

About Fathom Knowledge Network

Fathom is the leading source

for online learning for professional development and lifelong learning. Fathom

brings together lectures, interviews, articles, and exhibits by faculty and

experts from some of the world’s leading universities, libraries, museums, and

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About The British Museum

The British Museum is one of the world’s great museums. Founded in 1753 by Act

of Parliament, the Museum contains one of the most comprehensive collections

of art and antiquities in existence, spanning some two million years of human

history. The Museum is committed to making these collections from ancient and

living cultures available for research and enjoyment in the widest possible

manner and to the broadest possible audience. Its mission is to encourage visitors

to compare and contrast human material culture from across the globe and throughout

time, thereby promoting the understanding of world civilizations. Now approaching

its 250th anniversary, the Museum continues to build on its reputation as a

key international centre for scholarly and educational activity.