Telco Systems Unveils Fiber Based All-Layer, All Gigabit Ethernet, IP Switch/Routing Platform

July 10, 2001

With the new BiNOS (BATM Inter Networking Operating System), T6 offers simplified installation plus ease of operation and provisioning through a broad range of IEEE standards based administration, management, and network security features. Other T6 features that fall under the BiNOS umbrella include:

  • Link Aggregation — Dynamically broadens bandwidth between switches helping to circumvent possible network bottlenecks.

  • Virtual LANs — Allows network administrators to improve bandwidth capabilities and reduce overhead by segmenting users into different groups.

  • IGMP Multicast Support — Reduces the amount of bandwidth needed for applications like video-conferencing and online learning.

  • Security and Policy Enforcement — Consists of user-defined rules that determine how, where, and when various network functions are performed.

  • Quality of Service (QoS) — Ensures proper flow control and bandwidth management in a network.

“One of the most important features that switches offer is their ability to conform to the needs of the network,” said Dave LeBeau, president, Telco Systems. “The hardware-based implementation of BiNOS enables T6 to efficiently provide and manage precious network resources such as voice over the network, multimedia transmission, surveillance, and other mission critical applications.”

Utilizing tailor made ASICs, T6 is capable of reaching a line rate of over 48,000,000 packets per second over a robust 64 Gigabit backplane. “The hardware-based combination of wire speed data and a non-blocking architecture enables T6 to provide paramount performance at very competitive prices,” stated Dave Boulos, associate vice president, Product Line Management, Telco Systems.

The modular architecture supports Gigabit Ethernet, dual SC and GBIC interfaces. The T6 IP platform is fully manageable via SNMP, CLI or the Web by utilizing embedded Java based management technology.

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