TeachingNetwork.com, Inc. Announces Initial Launch Of The Next Generation In E-Learning

November 2, 2001

TeachingNetwork.com, Inc. announced today the launch of their new live tutoring website located at http://www.teachingnetwork.com. TeachingNetwork.com, Inc. is a new concept in supplemental education resources for all members within the Education Community: teachers, students and parents.

Focusing on scheduled one-on-one tutoring sessions between certified teachers and students, TeachingNetwork.com has developed a proprietary software package, which makes up our Virtual Classroom. The Virtual Classroom addresses auditory, visual and tactile learning in order to give each student the greatest chance to grasp concepts and reach their educational goals.

“We are currently at a crossroads in the world of education,” stated Scott Phillips, President of TeachingNetwork.com, Inc. “In spite of the strain on school administrations with overcrowding, shrinking budgets, faltering infrastructures and the ever growing constraints on families’ time and budgets, everyone is looking to give their children a brighter future.” Mr. Phillips went on to state, “The education system is currently presented with overwhelming adversity and a myriad of obstacles before both the students and educators. Conversely, we are also presented with a tool that can be considered the greatest resource for communication and learning to ever be presented – the Internet. It is time to promote the potential of the Internet into a reality. With cutting edge technology and the feedback and assistance of educators, parents and students, we can build a complete virtual education community with unlimited potential.”

TeachingNetwork.com, Inc. is currently looking for certified educators, who are interested in becoming tutors. Teachers can register online at http://www.teachingnetwork.com. Full requirements, standards and benefits are detailed on the web site.

Additionally, parents are invited to register their children to test the system and apply to receive free tutoring sessions as we continue to fine tune the website and learning tools. Students should be able to begin scheduling individual tutoring sessions within the next few weeks.

TeachingNetwork.com, Inc. is a new concept in supplemental education resources for students of all ages. Our primary focus will be to provide a chance for educators to connect with students for complete tutoring sessions over the Internet. These sessions will enable the teacher and student to interact as if they were seated in the same room by utilizing full voice capabilities and interactive web technologies. TeachingNetwork.com aims to become the number one portal for education, career counseling and teaching resources. These will include resources for learners and educators as well as tools to coordinate and supplement their careers in education.