Teaching at A Distance: From Concept To Practice

November 23, 2004

Join Joe Levine (Michigan State University, Michigan, USA), Jose Chotguis (Federal University of Parana, Curitiba, Brazil) and Stanley Mpofu (International Consulting Services, Bulawayo, Zimbabwe) for an active look at the world of distance education.

This five week online program (January 16 – February 19, 2005) is designed for educators involved with the design, development, delivery and evaluation of distance education programs. It is focused very directly on the learner in distance education with a major foundational theme each week which examines key concepts and ideas to support the effective use of distance education as an instructional strategy to bridge the distance between learners and learning resources.

    Week 1 Theme ~ The Framework of Distance Education
    Week 2 Theme ~ The Learner in Distance Education
    Week 3 Theme ~ Distance Education Instructional Strategies
    Week 4 Theme ~ Implementing Distance Education
    Week 5 Theme ~ Evaluating Distance Education

Participants receive a copy of the book “Learners, Learners Everywhere: The Challenge of Teaching At A Distance”. The workshop has been set up so that it’s possible for each participant to interact in an entirely independent/asynchronous manner – allowing you to be involved when it best fits your own day-to-day schedule.

Workshop enrollment is limited to 30 participants. For complete information about “Teaching At A Distance: From Concept to Practice” and an online Registration Form, please go to: http://www.learnerassociates.net/tad/

We hope to “see” you online!

Joe Levine

S. Joseph Levine, PhD
Professor Emeritus
Michigan State University
East Lansing, Michigan USA

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