TAPPI Announces Expanded Online Learning Offerings

May 4, 2001

TAPPI announced today, that as of April 27, 2001, its online educational offerings have been expanded through an alliance with WISEonline Inc. (Writing Instruction for Scientists and Engineers).

For years, TAPPI has delivered high quality, educational courses and recently has begun to offer online learning opportunities. As a result of this new collaboration, TAPPI now advertisement provides its members with access to the online educational expertise of WISEonline Inc. and its expert faculty.

Led by Director Doug Reeve, Professor in the Department of Chemical Engineering and Applied Chemistry and Director of the Pulp & Paper Centre at the University of Toronto, WISEonline Inc. offers integrated, comprehensive, online writing programs, developed for professionals in specific industry segments as well as university students.

WISEonline courses provide participants with a number of benefits, both in the specific learning outcomes and the method in which course instruction is delivered. Because students access instruction through the World Wide Web and email, each is able to work when and where it is most convenient, providing both privacy and flexibility to the student.

Also, course instruction incorporates the particular discipline and the technology of the participants, such as pulp, paper and converting, so that material and assignments are job-related.

Courses include, Course 1 – The Writing Tool Kit; Course 2 – Getting Your Point Across; and Course 3 – Documents and Presentations. Each of these eight-week courses is next scheduled to begin on May 10, 2001.

One supervisor of two recent WISEonline students said, “Thanks for providing such a great course. I was initially skeptical toward the program. I have to admit that I saw a tremendous improvement in the writing (structure and style) as well as the presentation skills of my two students involved in the program. They are clearly the best performers in my group, and their articles now require minor corrections, which saves me a considerable amount of work. I thought I was doing a good job on communication skills, but clearly I am not a professional. I now see the program as complementary to my own supervision.”

TAPPI, headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, is the leading technical association for the worldwide pulp, paper and converting industry.