TANDBERG Introduces Groundbreaking Technology that Allows Visual Communication Anywhere with IP Network, Now Quality Face-to-Face Interaction at Hand

February 8, 2005

New York, USA, and Oslo, Norway — Feb. 7, 2005 — In a pioneering advance that permits video communication anywhere there is an Internet Protocol (IP) network, TANDBERG®, a global leader in visual communication (OSLO: TAA.OL), today introduced its Expresswayâ„¢ technology that securely overcomes corporate network firewalls to make face-to-face interaction convenient and cost-effective. The breakthrough opens the door to creating a vast global community of video-communication users among companies and their suppliers, customers and home-office workers.

Firewalls have been a giant hurdle to the adoption of video communication over IP. Most video systems are confined to communication inside the enterprise or through a Virtual Private Network, or VPN. In addition, traversing the firewall is only the first step, IP calling is also a challenge because no universal numbering plan exists. Expressway technology overcomes these hurdles securely.

Expressway technology is now embedded in all TANDBERG MXP endpoints as well as in the TANDBERG Gatekeeper and new TANDBERG Border Controller. Using just the MXP endpoints and the Border Controller, Expressway securely tunnels H.323 video calls through firewalls without diminishing product features such as encryption and presentation capabilities. The TANDBERG Gatekeeper provides secure firewall traversal for non-TANDBERG endpoints and infrastructure. TANDBERG also employs a universal dial plan that will allow users to have an easy-to-remember video “phone number”, such as john@customer.com .

With Expressway, TANDBERG envisions a dramatic expansion of video communication to include customers, suppliers and home office workers. A sales executive, for example, could place a video call from a customer’s site to an engineer to field critical questions about product specifications. Investment institutions could provide expertise to their wealthy private investors as opportunities arise. Companies could exchange real-time information with suppliers face-to-face, ensuring needs are more accurately communicated. Home office workers could attend meetings visually and finally feel like they’re connected to their colleagues.

“There are no limits with Expressway if you have an IP connection, and that is going to create a worldwide video community,” says Andrew Miller, TANDBERG’s chief executive officer. “You can visually reach your customers, suppliers and home office workers, making relationships stronger and more productive. It won’t be long before you’ll connect visually with practically anyone, wherever they are.”

All products ship February 7, 2005. Software upgrades are available for current MXP products and TANDBERG Gatekeepers.

TANDBERG is a leading global provider of video communication products and services. The company has dual headquarters in New York and Norway. TANDBERG designs, develops and markets systems and software for video, voice and data. The company provides sales, support and value-added services in more than 90 countries worldwide. TANDBERG trades publicly on the Oslo Stock Exchange under the ticker TAA.OL. Please visit
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