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Limited Means, Limited Options College Remains Unaffordable for Many Americans This paper offers five recommendations to address issues of affordability that negatively affect college access and completion: Federal policymakers should protect and strengthen the Pell Grant. States should strengthen direct investment in public colleges and need-based aid programs. Colleges should manage institutional costs to concentrate […]

‘Fundamental culture change’ needed to address skills shortage

The Open University (OU) and The Association of Colleges (AoC) have come together to call for a national skills strategy, with long term investment and reform in adult education to address the skills crisis. The Open University

USDLA’s Dr. Flores Invites Comments on Draft Proposal of Collaborative for Quality in Alternative Learning

Last week Dr. John G. Flores, CEO and Executive Director of Distance Learning Association  (USDLA) attended the  President’s Forum for Collaborative for Quality in Alternative Learning (CQAL).  The meeting focused on the development and  creation of an entity that will be responsible for certifying alternative educational course credentials. In addition , Dr. Flores attended the E-Learning caucus meeting at […]

Social Networks and the Building of Learning Communities: An Experimental Study of a Social MOOC

  Social Networks and the Building of Learning Communities: An Experimental Study of a Social MOOC This study aimed to analyze the student’s behaviour in relation to their degree of commitment, participation, and contribution in a MOOC based on a social learning approach. Interaction data was collected on the learning platform and in social networks, […]

Women Leaders In Online/Distance Education Associations/Organizations

There is no doubt that more women are needed in the science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) fields. Numerous reports (cf. Cook, Mason, Morse, & Neuhauser, 2015; Corbett & Hill, 2015; Landivar, 2013), articles (cf. Marks, 2015), books (cf. Sandberg, 2013), and data represented in infographics (cf. “Women who tech,” n.d.) substantiate the need, not […]

Open University VC announces need for change

The Open University has started a root and branch review of its work to ensure it is fit to face the growing challenges of the future. The University’s traditional market – part-time higher education – is under threat from a decline in student numbers and potential competition from new providers. The Open University 

Americans and Cybersecurity

Americans and Cybersecurity Many Americans do not trust modern institutions to protect their personal data – even as they frequently neglect cybersecurity best practices in their own personal lives Pew Research Center

Giving Back: Exploring Service-Learning in an Online Learning Environment

Service-Learning (SL) as an instructional method is growing in popularity for giving back to the community while connecting the experience to course content. However, little has been published on using SL for online business students. This study highlights an exploratory mixed-methods, multiple case study of an online business leadership and ethics course utilizing SL as […]

Government called on to help adults gain new skills

Ahead of the Chancellor’s Autumn Statement later this month The Open University is calling for government to lift the funding restriction, in England, preventing adults from retraining with a second degree. The Open University 

Exploring Intrinsic Gender Identity Using Second Life

Virtual worlds (VWs) provide an environment to understand and explore notions of gender and identity, particularly given the ability for users to experiment with gender in online worlds. Our study analyses gender identity using the virtual space of Second Life (SL) to explore experiences and responses to gender in an avatar. We introduced 46 novice […]