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From proprietary to personalized higher education – how OER takes universities outside the comfort zone

Abstract Present trends in the mainstream adoption of educational technology coupled to the increased acceptance and adoption of openness in terms of sharing resources and open access force higher education into a radical rethink of its structures and educational strategies. This article examines the current shift in focus from the simple production and sharing of […]

Distance Education Enrollment is Associated with Greater Academic Progress Among First Generation Low-Income Undergraduate Students in the US in 2008

Abstract First Generation undergraduate students from low-income households (FGLI students) continue to have substantially higher dropout rates than non first generation students or students from more affluent households despite numerous efforts over many decades to improve graduation rates among this group of students. The purpose of this research is to determine whether FGLI students in […]

Implementation of a One-to-One iPod Touch Program in a Middle School

Abstract The purpose of this study is to investigate the implementation of a whole school one-to-one iPod Touch project in a middle school in the southeastern United States. While some focused studies have been undertaken in this new field of learning, there has been little research to date that documents activity within a whole school […]

Theory to Practice: Implementation and Initial Impact of an Online Doctoral Program

Abstract This article describes successes and challenges of the first implementation of an online Ed.D. program that impacted students’ professional growth and practice. Based on an analysis of student survey comments, student interviews, and faculty interviews at the end of the first year, program improvements were made for future cohorts. Lessons learned and best practices […]

Princeton’s new computing research center builds research capacity

After several years of planning and more than a year of construction, Princeton University’s High-Performance Computing Research Center opened its doors this week. The facility gives researchers on campus new capacity to tackle some of the world’s most complex scientific challenges.SOURCE: Princeton UniversityRead the Press Release

Aligning the Quantum Perspective of Learning to Instructional Design: Exploring the Seven Definitive Questions

Abstract This paper builds upon a foundational paper (under review) which explores the rudiments of the quantum perspective of learning. The quantum perspective of learning uses the principles of exchange theory or borrowed theory from the field of quantum holism pioneered by quantum physicist David Bohm (1971, 1973) to understand learning in a new way. […]

McGraw-Hill Research Foundation Policy Paper Urges Organizations to Deliver Mobile Training To Employees

NEW YORK, Nov. 1, 2011 — /PRNewswire/ — Global workforce demographics, advancements in mobile device accessibility and capabilities, the emergence of effective mobile learning tools, and best practices from early adopters make this an opportune time for any organization to test mobile learning (mLearning) without assuming too much risk.SOURCE: The Sacramento BeeRead the Full Article

Researcher: Technology might be returning us to Stone Age-thinking

Children and adult minds are changing because of the internet and smart phones—putting more pressure on schools to teach deeper thinkingSOURCE: eSchool NewsRead the Full Article

ECAR National Study of Undergraduate Students and Information Technology, 2011 Report

The ECAR study of undergraduate students and information technology sheds lights on how information technology affects the college experience. EDUCAUSEDownload the Report

Mobile Device Intervention for Student Support Services in Distance Education Context – FRAME Model Perspective

AbstractThis paper reports the findings of a study conducted to analyse the effect of mobile device intervention for student support services and to gauge its use for enhancing teaching – learning process as a future study in the context of offer of Distance Education programmes. The study was conducted with the learners of the coveted […]