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Tips and take-aways from a successful mobile learning program

Scaling up, teaching acceptable use early on will help guarantee success, one district says eSchool News Full Article

The role of smartpens in the flipped classroom

In a perfect world where students always do their homework and come to class completely prepared, flipping the classroom would be the ideal solution for keeping students engaged in class. eCampus News Full Article

Cell-phone microscope startup joins tech incubator

Holomic LLC, a startup company seeking to commercialize a groundbreaking technology developed at UCLA that turns simple cell phones into powerful microscopes, has joined UCLA’s on-campus technology incubator program at the California NanoSystems Institute. University of California Press Release

Adventures in Mobility

  Key Takeaways Mobility is just the latest transformative technology to grab the attention of higher education IT, challenging us to map out strategies to use it effectively. Teaming up with a leading mobile news app developer helped Ole Miss produce a killer university news app targeting the entire campus community. Moving quickly to provide […]

School Administrators Are More Open to Mobile Devices, Study Says

District administrators and principals own more smartphones and tablets than the general U.S. adult population, according to the 2011 Speak Up survey from Project Tomorrow. The education nonprofit organization surveyed more than 416,000 K-12 students, parents, teachers, librarians and administrators in fall 2011 and released the results in two separate reports. Converge Magazine Full Article

Distance learners: Connected, mobile and resourceful individuals

In recent years the student experience of higher education in general and distance education in particular has been strongly influenced by the wide scale uptake of Internet based learning approaches and an expanding distance education market, amongst many other trends. As competition within the sector increases because of access to the WWW and other in-country […]

Surveying Mobile Learning Around the World (part one)

About four years ago, the World Bank’s infoDev program secured funding to do a ‘global survey of the use of mobile phones in education in developing countries’, based on the belief that the increasing availability of the small, connected computing devices more commonly known as ‘mobile phones’ was going to have increasing relevance to school systems […]

Mobile Media: Towards a Definition and Taxonomy of Contents and Applications

Abstract The paper is grounded in the idea that a theory of mobile media, like that of any other scientific discourse, must be built on solid conceptual and taxonomical bases. Within this context the paper brings together previous fragmented approaches to studying mobile media, analyses them, and develops a set of definitions and classifications of […]

Download Report: Mobile learning for teachers in North America | More on UNESCO Working Paper Series on Mobile Learning

Abstract Teachers in the United States and Canada participate in professional development (PD) to expand their knowledge and understanding of pedagogy and content. In recent years, the prevalence of technology in schools and the increased availability of digital content and resources have resulted in more PD opportunities focused on the use of technology. While PD […]

IBM Introduces New Foundation for Mobile Computing

Comprehensive Platform of Software and Services Advances IBM’s Mobile Capabilities; Helps Clients Embrace Growing Mobile and Cloud Computing Business Opportunities IBM Press Release