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Turnitin Systems: A Deterrent to Plagiarism in College Classrooms

Computer technology and the Internet now make plagiarism an easier enterprise. As a result, faculty must be more diligent in their efforts to mitigate the practice of academic integrity, and institutions of higher education must provide the leadership and support to ensure the context for it. This study explored the use of a plagiarism detection […]

The Online Student

Survey shows that totally online programs are attracting primarily women, white people and fully employed workers with good salaries — many of whom want degrees in business. Inside Higher Ed Full Article  

Distance Education Enrollment is Associated with Greater Academic Progress Among First Generation Low-Income Undergraduate Students in the US in 2008

Abstract First Generation undergraduate students from low-income households (FGLI students) continue to have substantially higher dropout rates than non first generation students or students from more affluent households despite numerous efforts over many decades to improve graduation rates among this group of students. The purpose of this research is to determine whether FGLI students in […]

Consider This Before You Pay for An Online Degree

For busy folks seeking a college or graduate degree, online education may seem like an attractive route that can cater to their lifestyles. Professionals with full-time jobs, for instance, may welcome the ability to squeeze in classes after work or on lunch breaks, while parents juggling kids’ schedules can coordinate their learning around elementary school […]