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Growth and Development of Distance Education in India and China: A Study on Policy Perspectives

India and China are two fast growing economies of the world and need large skill based manpower to sustain the economic growth. The existing formal higher educational system in these countries will not be able to meet the demand of the economy. The paper will try (i) to compare the development of economy and distance […]

Technology and the Broken Higher Education Cost Model: Insights from the Delta Cost Project

Although U.S. higher education has faced numerous crises and dilemmas in its history, the situation in which colleges and universities find themselves at the moment is indeed different. Shrinking public subsidies coupled with historic rises in tuitions come at the same time that colleges and universities have been tasked to dramatically increase the number of […]

How Not to Fire a College President

On a languorous Sunday in June, low season on the campus of the University of Virginia, Prof. Larry Sabato opened a perplexing e-mail. “My instant reaction,” he said, “was that I thought we’d been hacked.” The New York Times Full Article

Self-Sufficiency or Privatization?

The Academic Senate at the University of California at Los Angeles voted 53 to 46 Thursday to approve a proposal to stop accepting any state funds for the university’s M.B.A. program, and to replace those funds with tuition revenue and private support. The proposal — the subject of intense debate for nearly two years — […]

Paying for Performance

As more college students have found themselves adrift and in debt following graduation, colleges have found themselves under increasing pressure to prove their value to stingy legislators and cost-conscious shoppers. Now one university is working with a major educational content company to shift some of that accountability from the institutions that enroll students in courses […]

Virtual schooling’s popularity challenges policy makers

With student enrollment increasing rapidly, virtual schooling is experiencing some growing pains. From high dropout rates to concerns about academic rigor, virtual schooling is generating a litany of complaints and unintended student consequences.eSchool NewsFull Article

For-Profit Group Tries New Approach, Again

Steve Gunderson is determined to stay positive as the leader of for-profit colleges’ primary trade group. It won’t be easy.The former Republican Congressman from Wisconsin will need to use all the political persuasiveness he picked up during 16 years as a moderate dealmaker on Capitol Hill — and then some — to rise above the […]

Online learning provider K12 faces class-action lawsuit

After a recent New York Times article implied that online learning giant K12 Inc. focuses more on its bottom line than student performance, the company now faces a class-action lawsuit alleging that it violated securities laws by issuing false and misleading statements regarding its business prospects.eSchool NewsFull Article

House votes to roll back Department of Education rules

The House on Tuesday afternoon voted to repeal two Department of Education regulations, an act that Republicans said would help lower the cost of college for millions of students.Members approved the Protecting Academic Freedom in Higher Education Act, H.R. 2117, in a 303-114 vote. Despite Democratic complaints about the bill during floor debate, 69 Democrats […]

House Passes Bill to Repeal Credit Hour, State Authorization

The House of Representatives voted 303-114 Tuesday to repeal the Education Department’s credit hour and state authorization regulations, with 69 Democrats joining the all of the chamber’s Republicans to back the bill. Higher education groups cheered the House’s actions, but the next step for the measure is unclear.Inside Higher EdFull Article