Tablet PC: Writing’s on the wall?

November 10, 2002

Magazines plan tablet PC editions

Six major magazine publishers plan to don a new image for tablet PCs, creating digital facsimiles of their periodicals and pushing the fold on Web advertising.

Video: Tablet PC devices get organized

Video: Bill Gates shows off tablet PC

Video: A sneak peek at the tablet PC

Tablet PC: What it will do for you

The functionality is both cool and fun as an additional feature to a traditional notebook but the new gadgets come at a big price. But is it ready for corporate prime time?

Where Tablet PC will succeed

Microsoft’s red-letter day for Tablet PC

Hoping to write a new chapter in pen-based computing, Microsoft unveils Windows XP Tablet PC Edition. PC makers including HP and Toshiba join in the festivities.

Review roundup: Six tablet PCs

These futuristic PCs are clearly first-generation machines. Loose parts, unreliable features, and imperfect handwriting recognition will keep these modules form overtaking the notebook anytime soon.

Can Microsoft sell its Tablet PC?

Analysts and industry insiders say machines running Microsoft’s Windows XP Tablet PC OS need to improve in function and come down in cost before they become mainstream.

Survey: Tablet PCs–only for the “bravest”?

Despite a showy launch Thursday, a new generation of tablet PCs is not likely to make much of a mark in the mainstream notebook market, according to two studies.

Will Tablet PC read your chicken scratch?

Even though the software can match against the many different types of handwriting in its database, it can’t adapt to an individual user’s style of writing and learn it.

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