Survey Finds an Increase in the Number of Americans Eyeing Graduate School as a Means of Career Advancement

May 31, 2001

According to a new survey released by Educational Directories Unlimited, Inc. (EDU), the leading provider of online academic recruitment tools, career advancement ranked ahead of personal gratification, better-paying jobs and field of study requirements when searching for graduate schools. The survey polled users of EDU’s throughout March 2001, which, with listings for 95 percent of all US-based graduate study programs, is one of the Web’s most visited and comprehensive directories of graduate programs.

Nearly 48 percent of all survey respondents reported career advancement as the reason for continuing their educations beyond undergraduate studies, far outpacing the second-leading reason of personal gratification (19 percent). The other two most popular explanations for attending graduate school were because their fields of study required an advanced degree, while approximately 11 percent said they hope the degree translates into a better-paying job.

At the same time, the survey shows that a surprising number of middle-aged Americans are online searching for graduate degree programs. Twenty four percent of respondents were between the ages of 36 and 50 (24.4 percent), while the commonly assumed age for graduate school matriculation — the 23 to 28 demographic — finished a mere 5% higher (29.1 percent).

“Graduate school has quickly become the preferred avenue for career advancement,” says Mark Shay, president and founder of EDU. “That desire to break through the glass ceilings and move up in corporate hierarchy is leading many middle-aged Americans to turn to the Internet in an effort to quickly find those programs that can best accelerate and optimize their career opportunities.”, launched in 1996, now lists approximately 95 percent of US-based graduate programs within its directories. Thousands of other programs, based all over the world, are also listed. records more than 500,000 visitors a month.

About Educational Directories Unlimited

Educational Directories Unlimited ( is a unique, college-oriented marketing firm that connects students with programs. EDU’s online directories provide in-depth and current information on college level academic programs. Among EDU’s computer-based recruiting tools are several comprehensive directories:,,,,,,, and

The EDU systems design provides a unique utility for prospective students, advisors, and educational administrators. Since its inception in 1997, EDU and its directories have captured a significant share of the “educational shoppers” market by providing students a wealth of information in an easy to use directory format.

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