SunGard SCT, The Master’s College, and Questionmark Complete Co-Development Project for Higher Education Assessment

September 6, 2004

MALVERN, Pa. September 2, 2004 Leaders from SunGard SCT, Questionmark, and The Master’s College today announced that together they have successfully integrated the SCT PowerCAMPUS administrative system with the Questionmark Perception testing and assessment software. The resulting technology is now available to other educational institutions that want to use SCT PowerCAMPUS IQ.Web, the self-service component of the SCT PowerCAMPUS administrative system, and Questionmark Perception as a single integrated solution that is designed to help improve the measurement of learning outcomes.

“Assessing learning isn’t just about counting the number of As and Bs given,” said Dr. John Hughes, Vice President for Academic Affairs at The Master’s College. “Assessment for accreditation purposes must evaluate student progress over time toward mastery of stated learning outcomes. This information is critical in order to identify the strengths and weaknesses of an institution’s general education and major academic programs. We are pleased to have been part of creating a solution to help us reach our goals, and to then pass this work on to help other institutions of higher education.”

Historically, measuring student learning outcomes has been difficult, especially for smaller institutions. By integrating the SCT PowerCAMPUS administrative system with the Questionmark Perception software, The Master’s College and other institutions should be better able to track and assess learning outcomes. Online exam technologies help capture a history of hard test data that can provide immediate feedback on learning outcomes as well as show progress over time to support institutional accreditation. This new integration further enhances the overall teaching and learning capabilities of the complete PowerCAMPUS solution.

The accreditation process is critical for institutions in developing and sustaining effective educational programs and assures the educational community, the general public, and other organizations that an institution has met high standards of quality and effectiveness. To receive accreditation, an institution must track objective, measurable proof that students are accomplishing pre-set objectives.

“The rapid integration of SCT PowerCAMPUS and the Perception assessment management system is a tribute to The Master’s College project team and the PowerCAMPUS architecture,” said Eric Shepherd, president of Questionmark. “We are looking forward to introducing customers to this functionality.”

Questionmark Perception provides the tools and technology needed to author, administer, deliver, and report on computerized assessments. SCT PowerCAMPUS is a reliable and affordable software system that helps cost-conscious institutions manage their administrative needs. By joining the two systems through visual, application, and data integration, institutions will be better able to develop and deploy sophisticated assessments of students’ knowledge, skills, aptitudes, and opinions. The solution also benefits faculty, who can now create Perception quizzes, tests, and surveys. Once students have completed an assessment, results can be viewed and grades can be recorded automatically in the PowerCAMPUS Gradebook.

“The extremely talented IT staff at Master’s College deserves special recognition for their skill and commitment to this project,” said Deborah Elias-Smith, Vice President, SCT PowerCAMPUS. “Their collaboration, along with the expertise from Questionmark and SunGard SCT, will benefit many smaller institutions that want to extend their digital campuses and harness a wealth of information on student outcomes.”

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