SunGard SCT Solutions to Improve Education Experience at 22 Texas Institutions

April 10, 2005

“Our SCT Banner Unified Digital Campus will help us empower our students, faculty and staff to accomplish more,” said Doug Fox, associate vice president for information technology and chief information officer at Angelo State University. “They will be able to interact with each other and with our institution in far more convenient and productive ways. The integrated environment will really help us put the focus on our customers and their information needs.” In addition to SCT Banner, the University licensed the SCT Luminis Platform which provides a foundation of infrastructure, enterprise applications, and portal features, and SCT Luminis Data Integration, which integrates disparate systems into a unified whole.

Alamo Community College District licensed the SCT Luminis Content Management Suite, which supports Web content creation and management, in addition to the SCT Luminis Platform, SCT Luminis Data Integration, and SCT Banner. “Our Unified Digital Campus solutions will help us create an environment where everybody has the information and resources that they need at their fingertips. This digital enterprise will help us to meet the needs of students, faculty, and our entire community that we serve in what is increasingly a digital world. SunGard SCT’s singular focus on higher education makes them the best provider of technology solutions for us,” said Dr. Charles Burmeister, chief information officer, Alamo Community College District.

“SCT is proud of the strong relationships we have with the Texas colleges and universities. We are honored that 22 of them selected SCT’s Unified Digital Campus solutions and services to help them create an environment that fosters learning, achievement, and collaboration for all of their constituents,” said Brian Madocks, executive vice president, field operations of SunGard SCT.

Nearly all of these 22 institutions are members of the Texas Connection Consortium, an association of 37 state universities, colleges, and community college districts. The TCC and SunGard SCT work together to help members save time, money, and valuable resources for the mutual benefit of both the institutions and the students.

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