SunGard SCT Improves Student Service with New SCT PowerCAMPUS 5.0 and IQ.Web 3.0

April 13, 2004

MALVERN, Pa. April 12, 2004 — The latest releases of the SCT PowerCAMPUS 5.0 administrative system and SCT PowerCAMPUS IQ.Web 3.0 Internet component from SunGard SCT, an operating unit of SunGard (NYSE:SDS), are already helping institutions better serve their campus constituents. The new versions make it more convenient for students, faculty, and other constituents to use the Web to access campus information, complete tasks, and be more productive.

Specifically designed and priced for small institutions, SCT PowerCAMPUS provides a robust system that unifies the administrative and academic functions of campus-wide departments. IQ.Web offers students, faculty, and other campus constituents secure, online access to administrative and academic information.

David Carter, registrar at Lubbock Christian University, said, “What I hear from students is that the improved access to their academic information has greatly improved their overall college experience. Since most college students keep hours other than eight to five, SCT PowerCAMPUS and IQ.Web enable them to access their information when it’s convenient—rather than being limited to only those times that the academic office is open.”

SCT PowerCAMPUS 5.0 and SCT IQ.Web 3.0 offer new self-service features that help reduce staffing requirements and foster constituent relationships in a manner that can help improve the overall campus experience. Enhancements to the latest versions include:

    · Improved Financial Information Access, Reduced Paperwork with PowerFAIDS Integration—Students can securely access their current financial aid information online in a more seamless fashion. Staff can reduce the time required to complete financial aid paperwork. PowerFAIDS, a product of The College Board, automates and manages student eligibility, verification, Pell Grant management, award packaging, loan origination, reporting and research.
    · Automated Course Wait Listing and Instructor Permission Prerequisites — Automated wait listing helps streamline the enrollment processes by prioritizing students based on an institution’s business rules. Students can access this information online and in real time, reducing the uncertainty of registration. Students can also save time by requesting instructor permission for course entry online. In turn, faculty can access student records to ensure registration requirements are being satisfied prior to granting enrollment permission.
    · Advanced Utilities for Updating Financial Records — Web access to financial records allows students and alumni to conveniently update or modify personal information. The self-service access to billing and cash receipts, credit card information, and past transactions also helps reduce onsite and telephone inquiries.

Deborah Elias-Smith, vice president of SCT PowerCAMPUS solutions, said, “Rising service expectations is one of the most pressing issues facing higher education institutions today. This latest release is the most robust and complete to date, providing institutions with the ability to automate high-volume, complex interactions, empower students and faculty, enhance communication, and foster stronger relationships.”

SCT PowerCAMPUS 5.0 and IQ.Web 3.0 are available today. More than 100 institutions use PowerCAMPUS and the IQ.Web Internet applications suite to unify and provide secure, role-specific administrative information to constituents. Windows 2003 compliant, the software has been approved for integration with Great Plains release 7.5; PowerFAIDS versions 8.2, 8.3 and 9.0. SCT PowerCAMPUS employs SQL Server 2000 and leverages .NET technology in its IQ.Web self-service applications.

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