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March 9, 2005

HONOLULU (SunGard Summit User Conference) — March 08, 2005 — New software development kits (SDKs) will help make it easier for college and university software developers to rapidly expand the number of applications and services they offer to constituents through the SCT Luminis Platform. SunGard SCT, an operating unit of SunGard (NYSE:SDS), today announced availability of SDKs that provide interfaces, documentation, and sample source code to help institutions of higher education tap into the power of the SCT Luminis Platform.

“DrexelOne, our SCT Luminis-based portal, was designed around the idea of simple access to all university services,” said Ken Blackney, associate vice president of core technology infrastructure at Drexel University. “With the SCT Luminis Platform Security SDK, Drexel was able to easily integrate and leverage other systems to enhance portal services. We look forward to exploiting other SCT Luminis Platform SDKs, particularly the communications SDK to add event-driven targeted announcement features to our three-year old mobile portal.”

The infrastructure, enterprise applications, and portal features of the SCT Luminis Platform provide common software services that can be used by all systems integrated into the Platform, including single sign-on, system administration, security, directory services, communication studios, portals, data and user management, and a common presentation framework. It is, in effect, the backbone of the Unified Digital Campus. The SCT Luminis Platform SDKs then help institutions extend platform functionality to address their specific needs.

“The SCT Luminis Platform SDKs help institutions to more easily leverage existing applications, customize systems, perform multi-level integration, and create new applications,” said David Murray, vice president of SCT Luminis Solutions, SunGard SCT. “Developers will be pleased with the choice, flexibility, and utility that these SDKs provide in helping them rapidly extend the SCT Luminis Platform to help achieve their technology objectives. Executives will appreciate the value in providing constituents with more and better services while extending their technology investments.”

The SCT Luminis Platform SDKs serve four main areas:

  • User Interface SDK – helps provide developers with a quick and easy way to create new channels and integrate existing Web applications into the SCT Luminis Platform user interface. The User Interface SDK can also be used to develop dynamic channels for legacy Web applications. For example, data from older calendaring systems can be aggregated and rendered to users through targeted channels within the SCT Luminis Platform interface.
  • Communication SDK – makes the SCT Luminis Platform targeted announcement application available for use by external systems. For example, an overdue notice within a school’s library system can trigger the SCT Luminis Platform to automatically craft and send a targeted announcement alerting the specific user to the overdue book.
  • Data Access SDK – provides access to directory data stored within the SCT Luminis Platform’s LDAP server. For example, administrators can use the Data Access SDK to quickly create new users or blocks of new users with guest access to the course and group studios within the SCT Luminis Platform.
  • Security SDK – Provides easy instructions for enabling single sign on to external systems. It also provides simple instructions for using an external authentication service such as Microsoft Active Directory, Novell eDirectory, or Kerberos.
SunGard SCT provides baseline support and a comprehensive set of services for the SCT Luminis Platform SDKs. A new four-day training session is available to provide developers with the skills and information necessary to exercise the development kits in their entirety. The Company also offers custom development services for those customers who desire advanced consultation to fully leverage SunGard SCT’s development expertise to extend their digital campus.

The announcement was made during the annual SunGard Summit User conference. Almost 5,000 SunGard SCT clients from higher education are attending the event which includes more than 600 presentations, hands-on labs, and 44 partner exhibitors.

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