Sun Microsystems & Stanford University’s LOCKSS Program To Expand Through Mellon Foundation Funding

February 8, 2001


Palo Alto, CA (February 5, 2001) ? Sun Microsystems, Inc. (Nasdaq: SUNW),

and The Stanford University Libraries today announced that the Andrew W.

Mellon Foundation has provided continuation funding for an online archiving

program designed to provide reliable, persistent access to academic

materials published on the Internet. Begun as a collaboration between Sun

and Stanford, this project may provide a solution to the problem of

collecting and maintaining permanent access to electronic scholarly

publications and library collections, whose sustainability and permanency

would otherwise remain largely subject to the whim of publishers.

“The impermanence of Web content is an issue that affects everyone, but one

that is particularly relevant to libraries, said Michael A. Keller,

Stanford University Librarian. “Just as libraries have traditionally

striven to build and maintain permanent collections of paper-based

collections, LOCKSS will help them assure reliable, permanent access to

materials published on the Internet.”

Based on Java technology, LOCKSS (Lots of Copies Keeps Stuff Safe) is an

open-source, distributed system, designed to run on inexpensive PCs without

central administration. LOCKSS works through a distributed network of

low-cost computers. Participating library computers continually poll among

themselves to monitor files on their hard disks at random intervals. Part

of the test will simulate the failure of some or all of the publishers. If

the files have been corrupted or altered, the autonomous caching system

replaces them with intact copies. Individual libraries can also monitor the

level of redundancy within the system.

“Sun is helping universities worldwide get access to this program which

cost-effectively enhances the value and helps provide sustainability of

electronically published material for present and future generations,” said

Kim Jones, vice president, Global Education & Research for Sun


Initially funded by The National Science Foundation and Sun Microsystems,

the project was initiated in May 2000 and includes as test sites the

libraries at Stanford, Harvard, Columbia, University of California at

Berkeley, University of Tennessee and the Los Alamos National Library. The

newly announced funding from the Mellon Foundation will allow for the

global expansion of the project, including a second test that will include

dozens of major libraries starting in April 2001.

LOCKSS program designers, David S.H. Rosenthal of Sun Microsystems

Laboratories and Victoria A. Reich of Stanford University Libraries, also

plan to explore the suitability of LOCKSS for applications other than

academic journals. Rosenthal and Reich are also exploring the use of

LOCKSS to preserve government documents published on the web. More

information about LOCKSS can be found at and at

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