Studycard Studio Makes it Easier to Create and Exchange Multimedia Flashcards

October 15, 2003

For Immediate Release

ROLLING MEADOWS, Illinois–October 14, 2003–Digital Meadow today announced the release of Studycard Studio 2.0, and the free Studycard Studio Lite 2.0. The new versions are the latest major update to Digital Meadow’s multimedia flashcard applications for Mac OS X and OS 9.

Studycard Studio 2.0 offers the ability to print individual cards or multiple cards per sheet, with the question on the front and the answer on the back. Users can even print on perforated card sheets available at most office supply stores. What’s more, by printing to a PDF file, users can view and study their cards in a variety of applications, including Acrobat Reader or Keynote, and on different platforms, including Palm OS.

The new version imports and exports text, CSV (comma separated values) and iFlash files encoded as styled text, RTF (Rich Text Format) or Unicode, allowing users to create their cards using virtually any text editor or spreadsheet application. The features allow for exchange between other flashcard applications that support these formats. By selecting a card to use as a template, users can import all their cards preformatted.

Users can also import from EDICT and CEDICT Japanese and Chinese dictionaries and use them to enhance their vocabulary. A variety of these free dictionary files exist on the web for downloading.

The new version has improved performance in order to facilitate importing and studying very large documents such as dictionaries. It can now smoothly handle 100,000 or more cards in a document.

Other new features include, find and replace, resizable thumbnails, and a sort command to order and group cards with a slew of options.

About Studycard Studio
Studycard Studio allows students and educators to create and memorize multimedia, multilingual flashcards, quizzes and tutorials, including video, picture and sound identification, or spelling tests with speech. Students can create and study their own cards and track their progress. Educators can develop quizzes or flashcards for their students.

Studycard Studio includes features shown to reduce study time and improve retention, including automatic daily scheduling based on the Leitner cardfile system. With flexible card design, a variety of study methods, options and question types, users can create quizzes for a variety of material.

Pricing and Availability
Studycard Studio 2.0 is immediately available through Digital Meadow’s web site (, for $29 (US). A site license is $199 through Nov 15th, and $249 thereafter. Owners of a previous version can download the 2.0 updater for free. Studycard Studio Lite 2.0, with fewer features, is available immediately as a free download at Minimum system requirements include Mac OS 9 with CarbonLib 1.3 or later, or Mac OS X 10.1 or later — built for Mac OS X.

About Digital Meadow Software
Located near Chicago, Digital Meadow is committed to providing useful, high-quality software for the Macintosh market. For more information about Digital Meadow, visit, or email

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