Students and Academic Partners Applaud Magellan’s New Shorter Courses

April 26, 2001

Tucson, AZ: Magellan University has restructured its Information Technology course schedule so that students can now take popular IT courses in shorter segments at a lower price point. The affected courses-MCSE 2000 Professional, Windows 2000 Server, A+ Certification, and N+ Certification are four of the most popular courses in the burgeoning IT industry.

“Its a great move,” says Barbara Ryan, Executive Director of Informational Technology at Magellan. “Our students are working adults. This change provides an easy entry-point into the field, it saves them money, and it increases their chances of succeeding in the courses. Studies show that shorter courses enable greater learning and greater retention, so we know that we are adding significant value to our students.”

While low-priced short courses have long been a staple of self-study Computer-Based Training (CBT), Magellans courses are all instructor-led, providing a richer, more interactive educational environment for adult learners.

“Lower prices and a shorter time to completion means greater student success,” says Ms. Ryan. “The e-learning industry is realizing that brief, more specific courses help students stay concentrated on the course materials. During the shorter time frame, our instructors can better focus on students, and students can better focus on the material. The increased attention and interactivity can only help students achieve their goals.”