Student Success Handbook for Higher Education

May 17, 2017

With higher education enrollment rates steadily declining, it’s more important than ever for institutions to invest in student success. Higher education is an increasingly crowded, competitive landscape, one in which retention and graduation rates are an ever-increasing blip on any institution’s radar, particularly tuition-dependent institutions.

Putting solid support behind student success can be a key differentiator for an institution—a value-add that can persuade prospective students to pick one school over another by demonstrating an institution’s commitment to reaching every learner and making education accessible to all. Investments in support of student success ultimately show students—prospective and current—that they’re valued and will be supported in learning the skills they need to succeed in future careers, and that can encourage retention from enrollment through to graduation.

This handbook shares strategies that you can use to invest in student success, including how you can improve retention rates, retain non-traditional and first-generation college students, make decisions based on student data, create a student success plan and support students with success initiatives.