STRATEGIC PLANNING CONFERENCE REPORT: Distance Education at New Mexico State University

August 23, 2004

As a Land Grant institution, NMSU has historically played a major role in making education accessible at a distance for clientele in the state and for regional, national, and international audiences. This history, of largely positive and productive experiences with Distance Education/Distributed Learning (DE/DL), provides a solid platform for considering the future. However, recent history has taught nothing if not that, in turbulent and rapidly changing times, accurately anticipating the future can be problematic. NMSU is poised to make significant investments of faculty and professional staff time and finances in the future of DE/DL. For future DE/DL efforts to be successful, at a minimum these efforts must have broad administrative, faculty, and technical staff understanding and commitment—in addition to being well-conceived, timely, adaptive to changing needs, appropriately funded, etc.

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