State of WA Dept of Personnel Selects GeoLearning’s Hosted Learnining Platform

December 21, 2004

GeoLearning, Inc., the leading provider of managed learning services and hosted learning platforms, announced today that the Washington State Department of Personnel has deployed its Internet-hosted GeoMaestro™ learning platform to power the State of Washington E-Learning Network. The ELN leverages GeoLearning’s hosted learning management system (LMS) and learning content management system (LCMS). The online system provides state agencies with access to 1,200 off-the-shelf online courses in desktop computer, information technology and business skills to enhance productivity and organizational effectiveness, plus the ability to create and manage state-specific courses. Over 70,000 employees at 83 state agencies can access ELN, making it one of the largest state-wide e-learning implementations to date.

GeoLearning’s hosted learning platform provides the State of Washington with a comprehensive platform for human capital management and development that is delivered entirely over the Internet. All the functionality needed to track training and support government learning initiatives statewide—including learner registration, course development and delivery, progress tracking and Web-based reporting—only requires users and administrators to have access to the Internet. No additional software or hardware is required.

“We chose GeoLearning in part because of the company’s extensive experience working with government entities on a number of high-profile learning management initiatives,” said David Dobson, eLearning Program Manager in the Department of Personnel’s Organizational and Employee Development Services. “But equally impressive is the cost-effectiveness of their hosted model, the ease of deployment, and their reputation for being customer-focused. When delivered as an all-inclusive package, these factors made outsourcing our learning management initiative to GeoLearning the clear choice.”

The state of Washington has been recognized by the Center for Digital Government as the leading digital state for the past five years. The widespread and rapid adoption of Washington’s E-Learning Network is one of many technological advances the state has made to improve the quality of its workforce.

“E-learning provides an additional way for the state to develop human capital effectively and efficiently,” explained Dobson. “With the launch of this initiative the DOP has taken a leadership role within the State of Washington by providing a comprehensive program available to every state agency and employee.”

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GeoLearning is the leading provider of managed learning services and hosted learning platforms, having been chosen by more than 350 organizations around the world to manage learning and development. Named to the 2004 Inc. 500, GeoLearning is one of the fastest growing private companies in America. The company’s GeoMaestro™ and GeoExpress™ learning management platforms offer robust registration, tracking and reporting functionality crucial for managing enterprise-wide learning, development and knowledge acquisition. With no hardware or software to install, GeoLearning’s
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