SMARTHINKING Unveils New Supplemental Educational Service (SES) Program

September 11, 2003

Because all instruction occurs over the Internet, rushed parents can set their student’s study schedule, and transportation is a snap. Students who will excel with a Spanish-speaking tutor can request one. Best of all, under the No Child Left Behind legislation, it’s free to middle and high school students at qualifying schools.

Already approved as a Supplemental Educational Services (SES) provider in Texas, California, Virginia, New Jersey, Michigan, Colorado, Wisconsin, Kentucky, Alabama, Hawaii, Oklahoma, Kansas, Vermont, and with applications pending in many other states, SMARTHINKING is combining the proven power of one-on-one tutoring with the convenience of the Internet. “I am more comfortable asking questions through SMARTHINKING than I am in the classroom,” said an 11th grader in Worcester, Massachusetts. “SMARTHINKING provides a sense of privacy, and I never feel like I am asking a stupid question.”

In two years, SMARTHINKING has provided over 167,000 online tutoring sessions to over 37,000 students. In Massachusetts, high school students who failed the MCAS— Massachusetts’ high school exit exam—were 23% more likely to pass the retest if they had used SMARTHINKING. “As an SES provider, we know that students will excel when they have guided support from a real instructor,” says Burck Smith, CEO of SMARTHINKING. “The Internet is a powerful educational tool when it connects teachers with students in ways never before possible.”

At the beginning of the program, a student takes a diagnostic test in Math or English. Based on the test, a personalized learning plan is created to address the student’s needs. While tutoring, the tutor knows the precise areas in which the student needs help. All tutoring sessions are saved for review, and parents receive personalized learning plans and learning updates. Students and parents receive prizes for outstanding performance and attendance.

SMARTHINKING provides live, online tutoring to middle school, high school and college students at anytime, from anywhere. Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, SMARTHINKING’s clients include schools, colleges, education companies, individuals, and anyone seeking to increase student achievement.

Kaitlin Greenglass
202-543-5034 ext. 237