SkillSoft Hosts Seminar Program on Organizational Effectiveness Best Practices for Emerging Workforce

April 26, 2001

NASHUA, N.H.–SkillSoft Corp. (Nasdaq: SKIL),

a leading provider of critical business skills courseware for e-Learning solutions,

today announced a 30-city seminar program for human resource and training professionals.

The seminar program will outline the requirements for organizational effectiveness

in today’s business culture – one in which change is constant and the decision-making

process is circular, rather than hierarchical.

With more than 1.5 million users, SkillSoft provides Web-based

business training to Global 2000 organizations, government agencies,

and universities in skill areas such as management, leadership,

communication, project management and customer service, as well as

business subjects such as e-commerce, finance, marketing, sales, and


"Companies today must foster processes and practices that meet the needs

and expectations of today’s emerging workforce. Today’s worker takes responsibility

for his or her own career and expects advancement based on performance, not

on job tenure. He or she sees change as natural and not as something to be avoided,”

said Dr. Elaine Voci, SkillSoft’s director of e-learning strategies. “Retention

rates, recruiting success, customer satisfaction, employee productivity – these

are only some of the important business metrics that can be dramatically influenced

by organizational effectiveness strategies.”

The seminar program will also include discussion of three

companies that have included e-learning as part of their

organizational effectiveness strategy.

The e-learning case studies


  • IBM’s Basic Blue management training program, which blends

    online coursework and mentoring with classroom training.


    program has eliminated six to eight weeks of classroom training

    for new managers.

  • Verizon’s internet sales team training program, which blends

    online learning, classroom training, mentoring, and knowledge


    This program has reduced training time from 18

    weeks to 8 and has doubled the size of initial sales.

  • Rockwell Collins’ blended learning program, in which savings of

    $23M for 15,000 learners worldwide are projected.

    Currently 50%

    of the company’s training is online; the goal is to increase it

    to 70%.

Seminar Schedule

The free seminars are held from 8:45 a.m. to 11:45 a.m. and include a question-and-answer

session. To register or obtain more information, call 800-327-6960 or go to

Seminar attendees will also receive free copies of SkillSoft’s recent white

paper “e-Learning in 2001: An Industry Snapshot of Adoption and Projected Investments,”

which details the results of an independent benchmark survey of 300 U.S. and

Canadian organizations.

Seminars are scheduled for the following cities:

    Indianapolis           April 30

    Detroit                   May 10

    Birmingham            May 16

    Washington, D.C.    May 17

    Charlotte                May 18

    Seattle                   May 24

    Phoenix                  May 25

    NYC/Westchester County    May 30

    Newark                    May 31

    Omaha                    June 5

    New Orleans             June 5

    Wichita                    June 6

    St. Louis                  June 6

    Dallas                      June 12

    Orange County, CA    June 12

    Houston                   June 13

    Los Angeles              June 13

    Memphis                  June 19

    Minneapolis              June 19

    Milwaukee                June 20

    Chicago                   June 21

    Philadelphia              June 21

    Denver                     June 27

    Cleveland                 June 27

    Little Rock                June 28

    Ft. Lauderdale          July 10

    Tampa                    July 11

    Atlanta                    July 12

About SkillSoft

With more than 1.5 million user seats, SkillSoft is one of the

largest providers of e-Learning solutions for Global 2000 companies.

SkillSoft courses cover a broad variety of critical professional and

business skills; courses and support services are specifically

designed to reap the benefits offered by the Internet and Web-based

customer environments. This design enables SkillSoft users to access

needed learning resources, with the required specificity or breadth —

any time and from any location with access to the Internet.

Customers receive comprehensive learning and performance support

solutions for their workforce through the SkillSoft library, comprised

of more than 600 courses for global business markets.

More than 440

courses are in English and more than 200 are specifically localized

for the Italian, U.K., and other international markets.

The library

also includes more than 7,500 learning objects and 1,700 job aids. The

SkillSoft library encompasses a wide array of business skills, such as

management, leadership, communication, project management and customer

service, as well as business subjects such as e-commerce, finance,

marketing, sales, and strategy.

SkillSoft complements its course library with SkillPort, an e-Learning management

platform that offers rapid implementation at a cost-efficient price point. SkillPort

gives users control over their own learning environments and offers tracking

and reporting capabilities. SkillSoft also recently introduced SkillSimulations,

Web-based simulations designed to reinforce skills newly acquired through SkillSoft

courses. Additional information about SkillSoft is available by calling (603)

324-3000 or visiting

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