Skill Builder Software Modules Help Dyslexic Readers

August 11, 2004

AMHERST, MASSACHUSETTS – Educational Help, Inc. announces the release of Skill Builder Modules for improving reading skills of dyslexic readers. The Skill Builder software can be used at school or at home. Each module features specific word lists that are grade or subject matter appropriate. The reader spends 20 minutes a day using the Skill Builder module until mastery of that module is achieved.

Through daily exercises the reader begins to master the content, with answers becoming automatic. Readers who practice the SkillBuilder Module words get better at word recognition, even words they have not yet practiced. The reader can progress to a higher level module, once a module is mastered.

Often phonics-based exercises can be effective with readers who lack fundamental reading skills. The true dyslexic reader (estimated to be 5-7% of total population) will gain little benefit from phonics-based exercises. Sounding out words using phonics results in slow and halting reading, which severely hampers fluent reading and reading comprehension. True dyslexic readers will often continue to have to sound out words, and thus never achieve fluent reading.

The solution for dyslexic readers is to increase their sight vocabulary. A Sight vocabulary is those words that the reader instantly recognizes by sight. If the word is instantly recognized, then the reader does not need to sound it out, and fluent reading is achieved. Skill Builder modules are software-based exercises that help the reading increase their sight vocabulary.

The first five Skill Builder modules have been released, with another 15 modules scheduled for release over the next several months. These five new releases are: Word Families, Grade 3 Words, Grade 4 Words, Grade 4-6 Words, and Grade 8 Words. The Skill Builder modules are available for purchase at In addition, a free dyslexic screening test and a Comprehensive Diagnostic Assessment Of Reading Difficulties test are available on the website for use in conjunction with the Skill Builder modules.

Skill Builder Modules are based on intervention strategies identified using the Cognitive Aptitude Assessment Software developed by Educational Help, Inc. for educational institutions in conducting assessments. Institutions using the software include Harvard University, Queensland University, Northwestern University, John Hopkins University, and several school districts. The software was developed in conjunction with and is the core reading diagnostic and intervention tool for the Laboratory For Assessment And Training Of Academic Skills, University of Massachusetts, Amherst.

Educational Help, Inc. was formed in 2002 to develop and market the software for the researcher, educator, parent, and home school markets. The primary use is the assessment of reading and math skills, and intervention programs to develop those skills using Skill Builder software modules.

David Tyler
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