Shaping the Educational Technology Innovation Ecosystem

July 23, 2017

Key Takeaways

  • Moving beyond “one size fits all,” Next Generation Digital Learning Environmentresearch is a call to action for greater personalization of educational experiences built on a technology foundation seamlessly integrating existing and emerging digital technologies and products.
  • An ecosystem of open-standards–based interoperable digital products shaped by the education community enables integration at low cost and is rapidly becoming a reality through the work of the IMS Global Learning Consortium.
  • IMS Global Learning Consortium member institutions are putting in place key features of the NGDLE by leveraging new releases of the Learning Tools Interoperability, Caliper Analytics, and Digital Microcredentials standards.
  • Now is the time for higher education institutions to develop a digital learning leadership strategy that enables their priorities into the future, leveraging and supporting the open standards movement.