Sentient Learning Launches Learning Object Repository- With a Difference

December 21, 2004

Sentient LearnBase is a learning object repository with a difference, it not only provides a repository for learning objects, but it will be delivered to institutions with an innovative user friendly Microsoft ® Word based authoring tool – Sentient LearnBuild.

The philosophy behind Sentient LearnBuild is one of technological inclusion. It is thought that the familiar Microsoft ® Word functionality will allow all academics, regardless of technical background, a way to participate more fully in the e-learning revolution bringing a more creative and dynamic dimension to teaching practice.

Sentient LearnBuild is fully integrated with the Sentient LearnBase repository, allowing users within Microsoft ® Word to very quickly and easily:

  • Create content rich learning objects across an institution
  • Create their own collection or contributor area of high quality teaching materials
  • Create IMS content packages using content from the repository or external sources
  • Share, re-use and re-purpose learning objects
  • Publish learning objects which can be linked and accessed from the LMS/VLE/MLE system through the resource URL
  • Easily create metadata templates to facilitate searching and sharing of learning objects
  • Search along multiple dimensions to easily target relevant material

Sentient LearnBase will be a driving force in widening academic participation in the creation and reuse of learning objects. Through enhanced academic creativity, effective sharing and reuse of high quality learning resources, Sentient LearnBase will significantly enrich the students learning experience and improve the quality of learning & teaching in colleges and universities worldwide.

Sentient LearnBase can be configured to suit any institutional hierarchy or diverse structures, providing an ideal solution to all customer needs. This learning object repository can be installed or delivered over the ASP Service Model depending upon institutional preference.

For additional information about Sentient LearnBase and Sentient LearnBuild – the Microsoft ® Word based authoring tool, please visit: or to arrange a free online demonstration contact: