Senate Republican High Tech Task Force for the 108th Congress Named

April 9, 2003

Senator John Ensign will serve as Chairman of the task force. The following senators will make up the task force’s membership:

• Wayne Allard – Colorado

• George Allen – Virginia

• Robert Bennett – Utah

• Sam Brownback – Kansas

• Jim Bunning – Kentucky

• Conrad Burns – Montana

• Michael Crapo – Idaho

• Kay Bailey Hutchison – Texas

• Gordon Smith – Oregon

• John Sununu – New Hampshire

“I could not be more pleased with the list of senators who will be joining me on the High Tech Task Force, and I’m looking forward to the accomplishments we will achieve together,” Ensign said. “This task force will provide a direct and effective line of communication between the high tech community and the United States Senate.”

The Senate Republican High Tech Task Force provides an invaluable focus on high tech issues in Congress and serves as a vital link in helping the Senate understand the evolution occurring in the technology industry and the impact of legislation on future growth and innovation,” said Robert Holleyman, President of the Business Software Alliance

Ensign said some of the main issues to be considered by the task force members will likely include fighting efforts to force tech companies to expense stock options; encouraging the repatriation of foreign assets under the Invest in the U.S.A. Act; and guarding against digital piracy. Staff from the Senate Leadership will handle staff duties for the Task Force.