SCT’s e-Education Infrastructure Offers a New Paradigm for Higher Education Technology Solutions

September 29, 2002

MALVERN, Pa. Sept. 26, 2002- SCT today announced its e-Education Infrastructure for higher education, a strategic framework for leveraging an institution’s technology, systems, and services for greater operational effectiveness in teaching, learning, research, and administration.

The leading provider of higher education technology, SCT delivers enterprise-wide e-education solutions for unifying the administrative, academic, and community elements of today’s digital campus. SCT’s e-Education Infrastructure will provide institutions with a flexible, user-centric approach for reaching beyond the scope of traditional ERP systems, portals, and e-learning. In this new paradigm, institutions can capitalize on new tools, technologies, applications, and services to surpass their constituents’ high expectations for online services, information access, and a rich and personalized education experience.

SCT is already delivering critical components of the e-Education Infrastructure through existing product lines, through strategic alliances, and through recent acquisitions. Examples of the key components of SCT’s e-Education Infrastructure include:

Presentation Infrastructure ? delivers role-based, personalized, secure, and customized access to an institution’s services and information through enterprise portal and content management technologies Application Infrastructure ? includes Web tools, and e-education applications for academic, administrative, and community services Middleware ? delivering standards-based integration components Data Storage Infrastructure ? including databases, directory servers, data warehouses, and other data repositories Services ? supporting the strategic, technical, and functional aspects of helping an institution implement an e-Education Infrastructure in the most effective way possible.

“SCT’s bold announcements and recent acquisitions suggest that this is a company that understands e-education, is committed to higher education, and is executing a visionary strategy that you would expect from a market leader,” said Richard Katz, Vice President, EDUCAUSE. “This is an exciting time for SCT and for higher education.”

Expectations for 24 x 7 self-service applications and information have largely been set by the consumer world as people become more and more accustomed to communicating, collaborating, and doing business on the Internet. Simultaneously, technology development increased competitive pressure, and budget and staffing constraints within higher education make it more important than ever for institutions to use the Web as a preferred medium to conduct business. The number of users wanting personalized, self-service access to an institution’s digital campus is increasing and includes more non-traditional campus constituents such as content providers, remote instructors, prospective students, alumni, and parents.

SCT’s e-Education Infrastructure will allow institutions to meet constituent expectations, leverage existing technology investments, and unite disparate systems into one interoperable, extensible solution.

“Most of the recent technology transformations in education have been focused around teaching and learning,” explained Bob Moul, president of SCT global education solutions. “The business of education is also transforming and the technology backbone that supports teaching, learning, and business must transform as well. SCT’s e-Education Infrastructure lays out a blueprint for making smart technology decisions about how to best build, manage, and extend the digital campus experience.”

Reinforcing its dedication to education, SCT is building on recent acquisitions and will seek further opportunities to broaden the scope of its product and service offerings by building solutions, partnering with market leaders, and acquiring other strategic companies.

“This strategy requires a vendor who is thinking in terms of the whole mission of an institution,” Moul added. “It requires a vendor who has the proven experience, innovation, partner programs, and foresight to deliver the services and solutions that are unique to higher education and not just adaptations of commercial products.”

About SCT

SCT, the global e-education solutions leader with over 34 years of native higher education experience, is the only company to offer higher education a choice in both technology and products that best fit the unique needs of institutions of any size and complexity. The Company provides end-to-end solutions that include applications, technology, and services that support higher education’s administration of teaching and learning. SCT works collaboratively with clients and partners to provide an e-Education Infrastructure that enables institutions to serve 21st-century learners. SCT has more than 1,300 higher education clients worldwide, representing more than 8 million learners. SCT’s global headquarters is located in Malvern, PA and the Company has several offices around the world.

The matters discussed in this press release that are forward-looking statements are based on current management expectations that involve risks and uncertainties that could cause actual results to differ materially from those anticipated. Potential risks and uncertainties include, without limitation, the extent that clients elect to license and/or implement SCT’s software products; the impact on SCT of areas such as the Internet, online services and electronic commerce; the ability of higher education institutions to affectively use the new technology; SCT’s success in identifying further opportunities to broaden the scope of its product and service offerings; continued market acceptance of SCT’s products and services; the success of SCT in marketing and selling SCT’s products and services; competitive and pricing pressures in the markets that SCT serves; SCT’s ability to develop and market innovative products, enhancements and services cost-effectively and on a timely basis; the ability of SCT to attract and retain highly skilled technical, managerial, sales and marketing personnel; general economic conditions; and other risks and uncertainties more specifically set forth in SCT’s filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

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