School Books Inc. Celebrates Internet Launch With ‘More Books For Your Bucks’ Program

October 12, 2001

School Books Inc. is dedicated to providing K-12 educators an efficient, low cost alternative for purchasing both recommended and required reading for their students. Offering accelerated reading at decelerated pricing, the discount structure for catalog titles is as follows: one to four units per title, 20%; five to nine units per title, 30%; and, ten or more units per title, 40%.

“Through our family’s businesses, we have sold books to schools for over 50 years,” said president, Cherie Moman. “Our strong belief in the importance of a literary education led us to found School Books Inc., where we can offer accelerated reading titles and test preps to educators at what we hope is the most aggressive discount structure.”

To celebrate its Internet launch, School Books Inc. has created the “More Books for Your Bucks” program. “While we cannot increase the amount of money educators have to spend on books, it is our goal to increase the amount of books they can buy with their money,” Moman said.

School Books Inc. will credit 5% of net purchases back to the schools. Here is how the “More Books for Your Bucks” program works:

  • School Books Inc. will track and total all online purchases through May 31, 2002. In June 2002, once total credits are tallied, schools will receive a book credit equal to 5% of their net purchases, which may be redeemed for additional book or test prep purchases.

  • Credits are valid for redemption by schools through December 31, 2002. Participation in the “More Books for Your Bucks” program is limited to schools that generate a credit of $10.00 or more by May 31, 2002 and School Books Inc. will retain any uncollected funds.

“School Books Inc. is pleased to be able to offer a program that provides a much needed resource to schools,” Moman said. “We hope by partnering with teachers and schools, this program will help increase the quality of education for their students.”