San Diego Global Knowledge University Signs Agreement with China Education Association for International Exchange

June 7, 2013



Press Release

June 3, 2013

San Diego Global Knowledge University (SDGKU) has just signed a historic collaboration agreement with the China Education Association for International Exchange (CEAIE).

SDGKU ( is an online / networked university dedicated to global competency education and training using the Internet and latest communication technologies. Through its video-based instructional content development arm and membership association network, the International Training Center (ITC) (, SDGKU has established alliances with several universities and companies throughout Latin America. Celebrating its 30th year of service to the international community as a leader in internationalization and global strategies for business, education, and government, ITC and SDGKU prepare citizens, organizations, and communities worldwide to become more globally competitive and responsible.

CEAIE ( was established in 1981 during the early stages of China’s reform strategy that opened up the economic and educational sectors to the global community. The State Council of the People’s Republic of China approved a joint report presented by the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs that established CEAIE as the country’s leading organization for promoting the advancement of education, culture, science, and technology. Through key established alliances with educational organizations around the world, CEAIE carries out extensive collaboration and cooperation activities with foreign and domestic education and scientific research institutions, academic groups, science and technology exchange organizations, and various other enterprises and capital funds that enthusiastically support education.

This historic collaboration effort between SDGKU/ITC and CEAIE will connect Chinese education institutions with their counterparts in Latin America to facilitate their contact, exchange, and networking to advance their common interest and goals. Initial activities will include educational exchange and global knowledge seminars, site visits, Spanish and Mandarin language programs, joint global competency and degree programs, as well as the creation of various Confucius Institutes in selected ITC member organizations in Latin America.

Cardenas_MiguleAbout Dr. Cardenas

Miguel A. Cardenas, Ph.D. ( is Founder and President of San Diego Global Knowledge University.

Dr. Cardenas is a graduate of San Diego State University, where he obtained a B.S. degree in Electrical Engineering “Summa Cum Laude.” He later attended UCLA, having been distinguished with the “Chancellor’s Teaching Fellowship,” a four-year award which represents the highest academic honor to an entering graduate student at the University of California system. There he completed a Master of Science degree in the field of Operations Research and a Ph.D. in Systems Engineering.

During the seventies, Dr. Cardenas was a full-time faculty member of the prestigious Systems Engineering Department at Case Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio, where he was co-chairman of the first-ever regionalized international global modeling project called “Mankind at the Turning Point,” sponsored by the Club de Rome. This famous global project was the first to coin and propose now widely recognized terms such as “globalization”, “interdependence” and “organic growth”. At that time he also published the first textbooks on systems engineering and applications in the Spanish language. From 1977 to 1983 Dr. Cardenas served as chief government administrator (Oficial Mayor de Gobierno) and Secretary of Education and Social Welfare for the State of Baja California, Mexico.

Dr. Cardenas has written and collaborated on numerous books and articles dealing with systems analysis, global dynamics, human networked collaboration, educational technology, managerial leadership, sustainability, synchronization, green energy, and English language as a workskill, pioneering terms and concepts such as global competency©, dual curriculum©, distance activity© international managerial leadership©, organizational synchronization©, ETK©and others increasingly accepted in education, business and government around the world. He has presented seminars, workshops and courses on global themes for over 30 years, producing and delivering more than 175 of them via satellite, room-videconferencing and the Internet to audiences in all continents. He is a widely recognized innovator and global systems thinker. In October of 2009 he received an Honoris Causa Doctor Degree from Universidad Ricardo Palma in Lima, Peru, and in June of 2011 was named Special Adviser to TIFERT (Tianjin Institute of Foreign Economic Relations and Trade) in Tianjin, China.

About San Diego Global Knowledge University

To be the leading university dedicated to the technology-supported delivery of “new generation” global knowledge and the development of competencies essential for a more prosperous and responsible society.

To prepare citizens, organizations and communities worldwide to become more globally competitive and responsible, providing them with relevant knowledge and the capacity for distance and networked collaboration in multi-cultural environments.

-Master’s and Doctorate Ph.D. degree and global competency© non-degree programs and courses on globally relevant topics, delivered on-line in English and Spanish, with the support of high quality pre-produced video-based instructional materials and testing, and competencies development assessment.

-Custom-designed multi-modal (combined distance and on-site) certificate programs designed and/or certified upon request.

All programs and contents, also available in Spanish, are licensed from Miguel A. Cardenas (, who holds their copyrights.

A unique private university with a global technology approach, SDGKU is a San Diego-based private university designed to provide easily accessible technology-based and competency-oriented professional education on a global scale. It has a functioning Governing Board responsible for the quality, integrity and financial sustainability of the institution, and for ensuring that its mission is being carried out.