Royal Roads University’s MA in Distributed Learning

June 24, 2002

If you’re thinking about doing a Master’s Degree related to online learning, you will be interested in a new program option associated with Royal Roads University’s MA in Distributed Learning. You now have a choice of taking the existing residency-based version or the fully online option, “MADL Global”, that starts this September. MADL Global is for individuals who prefer the convenience of a fully online format without having to travel to a residency. All courses are delivered via the Internet using our innovative courseware system. MADL Global focuses on the building of an international learning community that shares interests in the field of online or distributed learning. The program has the same course requirements and application requirements as our residency-based model.

The MADL program focuses on preparing graduates to design, develop, and deliver programs using technologies that support learning, training and organizational performance. It helps organizations find experts to manage, develop, and assess new online learning and distance education systems.

Both program options have the following distinctive features:

  • Designed to meet needs of mid-career professionals who work full time.

  • Is competency-based – the skills and knowledge acquired are essential to the field.

  • Emphasis is on creating and sustaining a diverse and inclusive learning community.

  • Courses provide practical opportunities to enhance both individual and team skills.

  • Faculty members are leaders in the field; they have extensive academic and professional experience.

  • Skill and knowledge acquisition focuses on direct application to learner’s workplace.

  • Extensive choice of electives allows for a variety of specializations.

  • Laddering opportunities are available: certificate credits can be applied to the MA degree.

  • Extensive university-wide support provided to learners.

  • Admissions policy recognizes equivalent work and professional learning experience to a Bachelor’s degree.

Program Structure

The MADL program features six terms of study which combines 9 core courses, 3 electives, and an applied major project. The residency program option begins with an informal orientation period and, then, a three-week residency in Victoria. The residency provides an introduction to the field of distributed learning and orients the learner to the key skills required to learn successfully in an online environment. It also enhances the learner’s individual and team-based learning skills and builds a foundation for a unique and motivating learning community that will continue for the entire two years of the program. MADL Global, the fully-online version, incorporates these components into the delivery of the first three online courses that serve as a foundation for the rest of the program.

The middle part of the program combines core and elective courses. The choice of electives allows learners to specialize in areas that are the most directly applicable to their own work-place needs.

The final two terms of the program are dedicated to the completion of an applied major project. This culminating activity relies on the application of research and consulting skills to the resolution of a significant distributed learning issue or problem.

A full program consists of a minimum of 42 credits taken over a two-year period.

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