RIVA Technologies Forms Strategic Partnership With MLink Technologies, Inc.

October 12, 2001

RIVA Technologies, Inc. and MLink Technologies, Inc. recently announced a comprehensive sales and marketing agreement to jointly provide e-Learning services.

In this agreement, RIVA and MLink have developed a cooperative marketing relationship and will offer the combined power of RIVA’s e.test software along with MLink’s courseware design services to corporate and education customers globally and especially throughout North America. For the enterprise sector, e-Learning is quickly becoming instrumental for optimizing organizational performance and productivity.

“The agreement with MLink creates heightened awareness of our e*test product within the e-Learning industry,” says Bryan Berthy, president of RIVA Technologies. “RIVA and MLink are teaming to provide our customers with true enterprise-class test authoring and delivery as a part of an ultra-scalable learning solution. We’re excited about the chance to cooperate in our sales and marketing ventures to deliver flexible e-Learning services to our clients.”

According to the agreement, the two companies will work together to market RIVA’s e*test™ assessment software along with MLink’s award-winning courseware design services to provide a more robust offering. For customers, this integrated marketing effort expands the range of e-learning offerings that achieve performance objectives and effectively measure e-learning success via the web.

“We are pleased to partner with RIVA, they are clearly emerging as a leader in e-Learning testing applications,” remarks Clare Davis, MLink’s Vice President of Client Services. “This productive alliance represents an important market opportunity for MLink. Our relationship with RIVA Technologies will strengthen and reinforce our leadership position in the e-Learning market.”

About RIVA e*test™

RIVA e*test™ is an assessment authoring, delivery and grading software based on Java™2 Enterprise Edition Java Beans (J2EE™ compliant) technology. Fully web-based and plug-in free, RIVA e*test™ is designed to run with any 4.0 or greater web browser on any computer platform.

RIVA e*test™ is built using an open architecture supporting Internet technology standards, including XML and Java, and industry content management standards such as IMS – QTI (Question Test Interoperability), and the SCORM (Sharable Courseware Object Reference Model) standards. RIVA e*test™ offers a unique degree of scalability, capable of accommodating millions of on-line users, with outstanding robustness and reliability. RIVA e*test™ incorporates test question types such as “True/False,” “Multiple Choice,” “Essay,” “Matching,” and “Fill In The Blank” as well as offering the ability to poll and survey users and students. The software then presents test results via various reports.

About RIVA Technologies

RIVA Technologies Inc. is a software development and systems integration company with a suite of e-Learning products and services that support a diverse range of educational needs. Founded in 1993, RIVA’s primary emphasis is in the e-Learning, distance learning and web development sectors. RIVA’s interactive products are fully scalable to an educational environment of any size or type, and take full advantage of the Internet potential to revolutionize e-Learning. RIVA’s wide range of technical expertise includes complex web-based application development and development of custom software and training systems for customers in a variety of industries including e-Learning, publishing, education and aerospace. For more information, visit RIVA at www.riva.com.

About MLink Technologies, Inc

MLink Technologies is a leading provider of customized e-learning solutions for Fortune 500 corporations. Based in Dallas, Texas, MLink offers solutions designed to improve workplace performance that include e-Learning, e-support, web-based training, computer-based training, electronic performance support, and performance-based simulations. Since 1990, Mlink has worked in virtually every industry to design solutions for increasing sales and productivity, most often participating in new product rollouts with customized training and support tools. As an award-winning solution provider, MLink maintains an 80% repeat business rate and was recently named as one of the “Top 100” Fastest Growing Companies in Dallas. MLink’s e-learning solutions have delivered measurable business results to clients such as Nokia, Sun Microsystems, EDS, Chase Bank, Cingular Wireless, EDS, and others. More information about MLink is available at www.mlinktech.com.