Rising Waters: Global Warming and the Fate of the Pacific Islands Web Site Launches

April 24, 2001

The Independent Television Service (ITVS.org) debuts the companion website to the documentary RISING WATERS, www.itvs.org/risingwaters, where Pacific Islander students, fishermen, elders, scientists and farmers put a human face on the international climate change debate. The television program will be broadcast nationally on public television stations beginning this April. (Check local broadcast listings at www.itvs.org).

To skeptics, global warming is a myth. From the Pacific Islanders to islanders of Manhattan, a warmer planet is landing them in hot water. Scientists agree that the tropical islands of the Pacific will be the first and hardest hit by global warming. Still, some question whether the danger is real, leaving islanders in a precarious state of limbo. RISING WATERS explores what it means to live under a cloud of scientific uncertainty.

Web site highlights include:

The Story

Learn about the future impact of global warming around the world, from those who are currently facing the adverse effects. Read personal accounts and watch video clips of Pacific Islanders and global perspectives of scientists, activists, politicians and lobbyists.

The Islands

Find out how the Pacific Islands have begun to encounter the dramatic consequences of global warming including the Marshall Islands, Samoa, Kiribati and New York.

Global Warming

What exactly is global warming? Discover staggering statistics surrounding this scientific phenomenon and what steps we can take to prevent global warming from worsening.

Conflicting Views

There has been an ongoing debate over the impending dangers of global warming and its future impact on earth. Read the conflicting opinions of scientists, policy makers and economists.

International Conferences

Several major steps have been taken to bring the issue of climate change to an international level through organized conferences. Learn of their successes and failures as well as the U.S. current stance under President George W. Bush.


Get involved in the heated debate on global warming and/or post your thoughts on the program.


This section features a list of links to websites, organizations, books and articles on global warming, climate change and related environmental concerns.

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